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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 131. 1914. 42]. at $1,200 each; one laboratory aid or clerk, $1,080; two laboratory aids or clerks, at $1,020 each; five laboratory aids, at $840 each; eight laboratory aids, at $720 each; six laboratory aids, at $600 each; one laboratory apprentice, $720; two map tracers, at $720 each; two Gmmm em map tracers, at $600 each; two gardeners, at $1,440 each- four ' gardeners, at $1,200 each; eight gardeners, at $1,100 each; fifteen gardeners, at $900 each; nineteen gardeners, at $780 each; two skilled laborers, at $960 each; two skilled laborers, at $900 each; three skilled laborers, at $840 each; one assistant in technology, $1,400; one assistant in technology, $1,380; one mechanical assistant, $1,200; one blacksmith, $900; one carpenter, $900; one painter, $900; one teamster, $840; one teamster, $600; twenty-one laborers, at $540 each; twenty-seven laborers, messengers, or messenger boys, at $480 each; four laborers or charwomen, at $480 each; two laborers or charwomen, at $360 each; two laborers, at $420 each; fifteen charwomen, at $240 each; eleven messenger boys, at $360 each; six messenger boys, at $300 each; in all, $478,170. GENERAL EXPENSES, BUREAU or PLANT INnUs·rRY: For all neces- _ sary expenses in the investigation of fruits, fruit trees, grain, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, grasses, forage, drug, medicinal, poisonous, iiber, and other plants and plant in ustries, in cooperation with other branches of the department, the State experiment stations, and prac- PWM tical farmers, and for the erection of necessagg farm buildings: Pm- Limit sb: mam; vided, That the cost of any buil erected all not exceed $1,500; P°“•p"“‘ for field and station expenses, inclu fences, drains, and other farm improvements; for repairs in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; for rent outside of the District of Columbia; and for the employment of all investigators, local and special agents a¥icultural exp orers, experts, clerks, illustrators, assistants, and all la or and other necessary expenses in the city of Washiragton and elsewhere required for the investggations, experiments, an demonstrations herein authorized, as fo ows: For investigations of plant diseases, including diseases of ginseng, Pl“"*‘""‘”“‘ and pathological collections, $37,000; 0 l l M Mm For the control of diseases of orchard and other fruits, $52,675; Tum; mgm ' For the control of diseases of forest and ornamental trees and shrubs, including a study of the nature and habits of the parasitic frmgi causing the chestnut-tree bark disease, the white-pine blister rust, and other epidemic tree diseases, for the purpose of discovering new methods of control, and by putting into app ication methods o control already discovered, $69 510; Comm pmms For the control of diseases of) cotton, potatoes, truck crops, forage mm cropi,ete. crops, drug and related plants, $46,000, of which sum $1,000 shall e immediate y_ available; _ _ Cmp pun, phym For rnvestrgating the physiology of crop plants and for testing and ogy. breeding varieties thereof, $44 540; _ _ _ www I , M For soil-bacteriology and lant-nutrition mvestrgatrom, $35,000; _ _ ' For acclimatization and adisiptation investigations of cotton corn, ,,;*°§,},",§‘,§,§,§‘§,§§j’“· and other crops introduced from tropical regions, and for the .1111- igim ¢¤1¤¤¤- prov5z(m)ent of cotton by cultural me ods, breeding, and selection, $38, · For the investigation, testing, and im rovement of glants yielding D""L°°°s’°t°` drugs, spices, poisons, oils, and related) products an _ by·products, and for general physiological and fermentation investigations, $55,380; For crop technological and fiber plant investigations $10,010; §§’:;°pI:“?§;1°;‘;;1g For investigating the ginning, handling, gradrnihlialmg, (F11 com- gmamg, mrmg, sa. ’ pressing, and wrappsing of cotton, and the estabhs ent an demonstration of standar for the different grades thereof, and for ,, _ into effect the provisions of law relating thereto, $91,000: P , ‘