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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 131. 1914. 431 $1,200; one toolmaker, $1,200; one sampler, $1,200; one janitor, $1,020; one student assistant, $300; two messengers, at $840 each; one skilled laborer, $1,050; one skilled laborer, $840; two messenger boys or laborers, at $540 each; eight messenger boys or laborers, at $480 each; three messenger boys or laborers, at $420 each; one messenger boy or laborer, $360; eight charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $282,600. GENERAL EXPENSES, BUREAU or Cnnmsmr: For all necessa G°¤°*¤* °xP°¤¤°¤· expenses, for chemical apparatus, chemicals and supplies, re airs rtg; ¤téppmm’suppms' apparatus, gas, electric current, official traveling expenses, telegraph and telephone service, express and freight charges, for the employ- ment of such assistants, c erks, and other ersons as the Secretary of Agriculture may consider necessary for tlije purposes named, in the city of Washington and elsewhere, in conducting investigations, collecting and reggting the results of such investigations, and for rent outsi e of the trict of Columbia, for carrying out the mvestigations and work herein authorized, as follows: For conducting the investigations contemplated by the Act of May §,?§,’8"}Y“‘ fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-two, relating to the application of chemistry to agriculture, $52 400; For colla oration with other departments of the Government desir- ,,,§,?}l§l’§§$&°,§,‘§{l}f ing chemical investigations and whose heads request the Secretary °°°· of A(gri0£)culture for such assistance, and for other miscellaneous work, $14, 5 For investigating the aim-sem or the enemies mi physics asa ,,§§,'%‘{,",,,{§’,§°‘ct§ which are applied to American food lpfoducts in foreign countries, and for inspecting the same before s 'pment when desired by the shippers or owners of these products intended for countries where chemical and hysical tests are required before the said products are allowed to be- sold therein, and for all necessary expenses in connection with such inspection and studies of methods of analysis in fofficign countries, $4f80; f k h h d Poultry md swhor invesf at' the re aration or mar et, the andlmg` , gra - ,,,,,,_ ing, packing,L%re@g, dgyinig, storing, and transuportation of poultry www and e gs, and for experimental shipments of po try and eggs within the Ugnited States, $50,000; _ For investigating the handling; grading, packing, canmng, freezing, Fu *""°°“*·°‘*·‘°'*'· storing, and trans ortation of h, and for experimental shipments of fish, for the utill)zation of waste products, and the development of ne; sources of food, 315,000; h to d Sm f Shipping nm"' or invest' atin the acking, andl1ng' , s ring, an 'p ’ 0 ,,c_ oysters and olgier sgellfislihn the United States and the waters biiliiigierin on the United States, $5,000; _ I cd in lior the biological investigation of food and drug products and ,,§,§f°" “"“‘°’ sulfstejlilceis used inalthe manufacture tgereof, $10,000; n , or ener e. enses, $150,68 . Ezwoizcsmgzirr or rriin soon Arm mines Aer: For enabling the ,,§“”'°°d*“Sp°°“°”· Secretary of Agriculture to carry into effect the provisions of the Act V·>*· 3*»P- 76** of Jime thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, entitled "An Act for preventing the manufacture, sale or transportation of adulterated, or misbranded, or poisonous, or deleterious foods, drugs, medicmcs, and liquors, and for ppfgulating {traffic therein, and for other purposes/’ in the city of * ashington and elsewhere, including chemmgl apparatus, chemicals and supplies, repairs to apparatus gas, electric current, official traveling expenses telegraph and telephone_serv1ce, express and freight char es, and all other e?enses, employing such assistants, clerks, and other persons as ma e considered necessary for the piuposes named, and rent outside oi the District of Columbia. $644 301 . Tdtal for Bureau of Chemistry, $1,077,581.