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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Srrss. I. Crr. 3. 1913. 27 International Catalo e, the ezgpsense of clerk hire, the purchase of necessary books andu periodic , and other necessary incidental expeges, $7 ,532, the same to be expended under the direction of the Smi onian titution. Astrophysical Observatory: For maintenance of Astrophysical ,,,,t.*v§*,’,§}*;,1}"°‘°°* °*" Observatory under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution, including salaries of assrstants, the purchase of necessary books and periodicals, includinggzayment m advance for subscriptions, ap aratus, making, rieurilessary 0 grvatiorilsa in high altitudesé repairs and) alterations 0 d1HgH· , an misce neous nses, 13,000. Bookstacks_ for Government bureau iibraries: Toward replacing ,,,E§,*’¥"°‘“g "°°"‘ wooden shelvmglsand galleries with fireproof bookstacks in the main hall of the Smit onian Buildintg for the libraries of the Government bureaus under the direction of e Smithsonian Institution, including hhs necessary hegutiérrg aérd ligihtingsapparatus and repairs to the oor coumns, w , an win ows 15,000. Nsitional Museum: ll`or_ cases, frirniture, fixtures, and appliances §§‘,§‘;',§,§‘§§,‘f“°“m· reqluired for the exhibition and_ safe-kegpling of the co ections, inc uding salaries or compensation of necessary employees, $50,000; ‘ For expense of heating, lighting, electrical, telegra hic, and tele- ¤¢g°°u°g’ ugm°°’ honic servi e $50 000 P c 7 I ; P llfor conti?·uingt;;1he preservatiomdexhibition, and increase of tke °°“°°‘ 0 ections om e surve g an oring expeditions o the Government, and from otherygburces, iriildding salaries or compensation of all necessary employees, and all other necessary expenses,

 of whic? sumbii,500 may be used for necessary drawmgs

an ustrations or pu ’ ations; For urchase of books, am hlets, and `odicals for reference, B°°"’·°“’* P P P Pm including payment in advance for subscréigstions, $2,000; For re(pa.irs to buildings, shops, and sh , including all necessary R°’“"" laliror an material, $10,00iO% al ards S Pm or tage stamps an oreign post c , 500; '*¥°· In amor the National Museum, $412 500. National Zoological Park: For continuing the construction of z°°'°'*‘”“ roadlsé walks, bridges, supply, sewerage, alnd drainage; and for gra'g, an` an oterwrsermproving e oun;er·ecting and repa1'i)·ingt1bnn§rldings and inclosures; care, subsgtence, purchase and transportation of animals, mcluding salaries or compensation oi all necessary employees; and general inci ental expenses not otherwise proivideldl Qur, inclu grigfpurcléiasek maintenance, {and driving of horses an ve 'c es uir or o cia purposes, no exceedm` g 100 or the purchase diuirecessary books and periodicals payment in advance for subscriptions, and exclusive of a.rchitect’s fees or compensation, $100,000; one half of which sum shall bealpaid from the revenues of §¤f frm Dwrict gyhewnilstgict of Columbia and the other h from the Treasury of the ” °°°°”‘ nr tates. Read'ustment of boundaries: For ac urrrng' ° , b demnatio , R°°"l‘”°'”°¤° °' all the iota, pieces, or parcels of land, otliler than thye dri; hereinaftgr b°1?¤Pr%;r:•" ¤f vidiexcepted, that lie between the present western bound of the °i°°°1 la°d°° glatronal Zoolog§ca§P&·k and Connecticrlrt Avenuehfrouilgathw venue to e 0 $107,200, or su rtion t as may necessary, said and whdn acquired, toge(i;hdi·0 with thegcngluded highways, to be added to and become a part of the National Zoolpgical Park. The proceeding for the condemnation of said land sh be ,,,,§,°§‘,,‘L‘;'}"’“"°° P’°’ instituted by the Secretary of the Treasury under and in accordance with the terms and provisions of subcha ter one of cha ter fifteen of V°l·“· P· 15** the Code of Law for the District of Columbia: Provaxd, That the *°’T,,g'§,“g;,,p,,d_ tract of land hereinafter described, containing five thousand eight hundred and twenty square feet, shall be excepad from such condemnation, namely, the parcel recorded on the ks of the assessor