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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cns, 132, 134. 1914. 453 roxnicm nosrrran AT carn TOWN. Annual contribution toward the support of the Somerset Hospital h°“°"“I· (a foreign hospital), at Cape Town, $50, to be paid b the Secretary of State upon the assurance that suffering seamen and, citizens of the United States will be admitted to the privileges of said hospital. snA1mN’s ms*rrrU·rE AT Koran. Contributions toward the support of the Seamen’s Institute at K§§§f“°“’“ I“““‘“‘°· Kobe, to be paid by the Secretary of State upon the assurance that relief will be afforded by the said institute to indigent American seamen, $25. conrmeamlnxrnusns, UNITED srarms consumarns. Expenses of provid.1n§` all uch station blanks record and other ,,,§`”“,,,**“$‘“,,*°’!’°”’°°· books, seals, presses, ags, signs, rentugllowance for rent not to tn exceed in any case thirty oper centum of the officer’s salary), repairs to consular buildings own by the United States, postage, furniture, including typewriters and exchange of same, statistics, newspapers, freight (fore and domestic), telegrams, advertisiplg, messenger service, travelggg expenses of consular officers and cons ar assistants, compensation o Chinese writers, loss by exch};.-gis, and such other miscellaneous expenses as the President may t necessary for the several consulates and consular agencies in the transaction of their business, $465,000, and dpagment in advance of subscriptions for newspapers (foreign an omestic) under this appropriation is hereby authorized. FII·`TEENTH 11v·rmzNA·rro1~rAL ooivonnss Aoamsr Amouonrsu. For the purpose of defraying the expenses incident to the Fifteenth I““’,""‘¤,,“,,°,,““l °°"‘ In ternational Conglress Against Alcoholism to be held in the United qu ugumd. States in nineteen undre and fifteen, $40,000 to be expended under ’ p' ‘ such rules and regulations as the Secretagg of State may prescribe. In mi The Secretary of tate is hereby authoriz and requested to extend mage, °”’°°b°”° an invitation to the Governments of the world with which we maintain diplomatic relations to part1c1pate_m and appoint delegates to §¤¤¤¤•¤.t { db said Con : Provided, That an itermzcd account of all expendi- ° °”‘p°° tures shall be reported to Congress. Approved, Jnme 30, 1914. CHAP. .-- E d' to th f Pro °d , Rhod I land, th hl ri9i4· privileges ;?:ecti%ii xd ofxzlild apprdvepdufliine tehathtmgiihteen Iiuxldred and eighty, governing the immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise without lP¤b1i¤.N¤· 124-l appraisement. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of Anwrica in Oemgreaa assembled, That the privilceges of section gr¤gv,F°g;;°° R I one of the Act approved June tenth, eighteen hundr and eighty, £$m xiiimeéaéi governing the immediate transportation of dutiable merchandise 1,,%,, “°“ P‘"" without 8.ppl'8lScI!1cl1t, bc, and the same are hereby, extended to the 01-21,9. 173. port of Providence, in the State of Rhode Island. Approved, July 1, 1914.