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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 46], To continue employment of the assistant foreman of the folding room, authorized m the resolution adopted September thirtieth, mneteen hundred and thirteen at $3.85 per day, $1,405.25. To continue employment of the person named in the resolution adopted April twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, as a laborer, $840. To continue employment of the laborer authorized and named in the rggzlution adopted December nineteenth, nineteen hundred and ·one 0. 'Ilo continue employment of the s ial messenger authorized and named in the resolution adopted seventh, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $1,500. To continue employment of the special employee authorized and named in House resolution adopted pril twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, $1,800. Successors to any of the employees glrovided for in the eight pre- Appointments, ceding paragraphs may be nam by e House of Representatryes at any time. Conference Minority: Clerk, $2,000; assistant clerk, $1,200; jani- €{,‘§'§’,‘f‘§,‘$m‘“°'i°Y· tor, $1,000; in all, $4,200; the same to be appointed by the chairman of the conference minority. To continue the employbrgient of messengers in the majlority and ,,,,‘Egf“‘°'°“°° "“’”°¤· minority caucus rooms, to appointed Ely e majority an minority whips, respectively, at $1,200 each; in , $2,400. Orrrcm or Posnmsrnn: Postmaster $4,000; assistant postmaster, miygastv. asm- $2,200· registry and money-order clerk, $1,500; messengers—twelve ’ ` (including one to superintend transportation of mails) at _$1,200 each, eighteen at $100 per month each from December first, nmeteen hundred and fourteen, to March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and fifteen, $5,600- laborer, $720; in all, $30,020. nm,. mdw.,g.m_ For of horses and mail wagons for carrying the mails, $2,500, or so much thereof as mag be necessary. Orrrcrar. nnroarnns: ix oiHcial reporters of the proceedings and °m°““ ‘°°°"°”· debates of the House, at $5,000 each; assistant, $2,500; in all, $32,500. For janitor for rooms of official reporters of debates, $720. Sinnoenarnnns ro oomnrrans: Four stenographers to commit- °§,f,§’,‘,§€,2_°’“°'“‘° tees, at $5,000 each; in all, $20,000. For janitor to rooms of stenographers to committees, $720. ,,Dmg the wr Wherever the words "during the session" occur in the foregoing m¤·· to mm ra ppragraphs they shall be construed to mean the one himdre an "°"‘ teen ays from December seventh, nineteen hundred and fourteen, to March thirty-first, nineteen hundred and fifteen, both inclusive. Cnmzx umn, Mmmmzs Arm Dnmcamsz To ay-beach Member, ,,‘§‘°,§‘§,,§§',§;,{‘°“"’°” Delelgate, and Resident Commissioner, for clerk e, necessarily employed by him in the discharge of his omcial and representative duties, $1,500 per annum, in monthly installments, $660,000 or so much thereof as may be necessary; and Representatives and Delegates elect to Congress whose credentials in due form of law have been uly filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in accordance with the provisions of section thirty-one of the Revised Statutes R- ¤-,¤¤¤- 31, p- 5. of the United States shall be entitled to gzyment under this appro- _ Eriation: Provided, lfhat all clerks to embers, Delegates, and ?r°,§°§‘_;";,md 0,,,0,,3 esident Commissioners shall be placed on the roll of empgaiyecs of ¤f•¤=v¤<>v¤¤s the House and be subject to be removed at thewill of the ernber, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner by whom they are appointed; and any Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner may appomt one or more clerks, who shall be laced on the roll as the clerk of such Member, Delegate, or Resident lCommissioner making such appointments.