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462 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. C°¤*i¤€°¤**¤P¤¤¤°¤· OQNTINGENT EXPENSES: For wrapping paper, p8St6b08.I‘d, p¤§i36, F°"““g "‘“‘°"’“* twine, news a er wrappers, and other necessary materials for fo ding, for use of Mgmpbers, the Clerk’s office, and folding room, not including envelopes, writing a er and other paper and materials to be prmte and furnished by this Ilgublic Printer, upon requisitions from the Clerk of the House, under provisions of the ct approved January twelfth, Fumnm hundred an n.inety—ve, $10,000. . or furnitiue, and materials for repairs of the same, $20,000. Pming b°x°°' . For packin boxes, $4,350, or so much thereof as may be necessary. “"°°“‘“’°°“’ “°“‘“· For miscelfaneous items and exppnses of special and select committees, exclusive of salaries and la or, unless specifically ordered by Pa mt M wm the House of Representatives, $75,000. saepyiiippms mma- That hereafter it shall be imlawful for the Clerk of the Hopse to °°“· ay out of any moneys of the House of Representatives any bills for liiundiy, furniture, su plies, or utensils used in the barber shops of the House Office Buil the House side of the Capitol. B""°""”" For stationery for Mem of the Houseof Representatives, Deleates from Territories, and Resident Commissioners, mcluding $5,000 ger stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, $60 000. P°“"’°"°"‘” I•lor postage stam for the Postmaster, $250; for the Clerk, $450; for the Sergaantat Xgms, $300; and for the Doorkeeper, $150; in all, $1,150. _. Libmfy of Congress. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. L“""**"·°°°· General administration: Librarian, $6,500 ; chief assistant librarian, $4,000; chief clerk, $2,500; librarian’s secretary, $1,800; elerks—one $1,200, two at $1,000 each; stenographers and typewritei·s—one $1,200, one $780; messenger, $840; messenger to chief assistant librarian, $540; junior messenger, $420; operator of photographic _ co machine, $600· in all, $22,380. mud "°“'°’Y· léliiilgand delivery: Assistants—one in charge, $1,500, one $960, one $720; junior messenger, $420· in all, $3,600. °'d°'““" °°°°“*°"· Order and accession: Chief of! division, $2,500; a.ssistants—one $1,500, one $1,200, at $960 each, two at $780 each, two at $600 each, one $580- two junior messe1§prs, at $420 each; in all, $12,260. ,,,,‘f,‘j°§‘,{’,f;‘§',;,‘}{‘“‘“°°' Catalogue, classification, and sh : Chief of division, $3,000; chief classifier, $2,000; ass1stants—four at $1,800 each, seven at $1,500 each, six at $1,400 each, twelve at $1,200 each, six at $1,000 each, foiu·teen at $960 each, four at $860 each, thirteen at $780 each, thirteen at $600 each, four at $540 each; six junior messengers, at $420 eagi; all, gsl,000. B1¤<11¤z· in : sistan ne in charge $1 500 one $900· 'unior mes. senger, $420; in all,_$2,820. , , ’ 1 sibuomvhy. Bibliography: Chief of division, $3,000; assistants-—one $1,500, two at $960 each, one $780; stenographer and typewriter, $900; jumor messenger, $420; in all, $8,520. nearing mms. Reading rooms (including evening service) and special collections: Sujilerintendent, $3,000; assistants-—two at $1,800 each, five at $1,200 eac (mcluding one in room for the blind), two at charging desk at $1,080 each, three at $900 each, ten at $780 each, two at $600 each; stenographer and tyipewriter, $960; attendant, Senate reading room, $900; attendants, epresentatives’ reading room—one $960, one $780; attendantsjtwo in_ cloalgroorn at $720 each, one in Toner Library $900, one-m Washmgtonian Library $900, two for gallery and alcoves at $540 each; telephone operator, $660; four junior messengers, at $420 each; two watchmen, at $720 each; evening service, assi§a;§s?éi8·e at $900 each, fifteen at $780 each, two at $600 each; m ”· v. fb ·. . . I’°"°‘”""“’· Reriodieal (mcluding evening service): Chief of division, $2,000; assistants-chief $1,500, two at $960 each, five at $780 each; ste-