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474 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Shes. II. C11. 141. 1914. umm;. For materials for the of the bookbinder located in the Treasury D artm t $250. R¤rm¤¤¤b¤¤k¤.¤¢c- (Pier neliilspa er clippsings, financial jo1u·nals, law books, city directories, and other boo of reference relating to the business of the d rtm t $1 000. F¤¤*8h*·°**= Shir frg;h§,bdlicjpmssage, telegraph and telephone service, $7,000. R¤¤*~ For rent 0 d1.ngs` $11,350. ,A}_}¤*{_·;¤,,*;g¤*i,¤¤¤, *,0 °b· fFor investigation experime;;1i)tation8ia:i3<{§ tpm secure betta; metheds a mms 0 adm1m` 'stra ion wi a view incre ciency or 0 grea er mm economy in the expenditure of public monaely, includingb necessary traveling expenses, m connection with speci work, or p taining of better administrative methods in any branch of the service within or under the Treasury Department, including the temporary employ- ment of ents, stenographers, accountants, or other expert services either or without the District of Columbia, $20,000. 0*4 Eggplvm md In addition to the offices of the four auditors of the Treasury re- Pcii1ii:§'i¤m¤iil•:_i°j.é¤er. quired to be removed to the old building of the Bureau of Engraving

  • °”‘° '°° '°m° *°· and Printing, the General Supply Committee and omces of the Treasirar now occupgiéug rented quarters, and such other offices or arts of

0 ces of the asuiy Department as the Secretag of the Tlieasmy B¤¤¤¤ ¤>v¤¤¤¢· may determme, shall e removed thereto; and the ureau of Engraving and Printing shall entirely vacate all of said building on or before June first, nineteen hundred and fourteen. veumnesetc For purchase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor trucks, purchase, exchange, an maintenance of horses, including shoeing; gd the pnrclphasealand repair oil;-‘wagg%s(3(;>arr1ages, and harness, all to used or o ci oses 0 y . “"~ For urchase of gludjliolders arid file cases, inclu $2,000 additional for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, $6,000. F“°*•°*‘* For purchase of coal, wood, engine oils and grease, grates, grate ·pasket;1a;1 , blowers, coal hods, coal shovels, pokers, and o , , . Llzhrrne. Iligdr purchase of as, electric current for light' and ui-poses gas and electricllght fixtures, electric-lightmgwiringP(ii1li}lr lfnaterial: c?nélles,lcapdlest1ck3, drolpSl1,g;l;t? tubmg, gas burners, gas torches, g 0 es an erns, an wic . inmumeus. Foriwashing and hemmixig towels, for the purchase of awnings and fixtures, win ow shades and fixtures, alcohol, benzene, t ntine, varnish, baskets, beltmg, bellows, bowls, brooms, buckets, Brushes, canvas, crash, cloth, chamois skins, cotton waste, door and window fasteners, dusters; flower-garden, street, and engine hose· lace leather, lye, nails, oils, plants, picks, pitchers, powders, stencil plates, hand stamps and repairs of same, spittoons, soap, matches, match safes, sponges, tacks, traps, thermometers, toilet paper, tools, towels, towe racks, tumblers, Wire, 21110, &I1d_fo1‘ blacksmithmg, re airs of machinery, removal of rubbish sharpe tools, street car ticliets not exceeding $250,_8dVBI‘l3lSl}lg for propous‘§s, and for sales at public auction m Washingtpn, District o Co umbia, of condemned property belongmgl to the asury Department, payment of auctioneer fees, and purc ase of other necessary articles, $13,500. chgxvr-saving m¤· _ For-_ purchase of 1abor—saving machines and supplies for same Iiipllpélgpigl the piiixrchased and exchange of registering accountants: _ _ . gmac es, an othermachmes of as1m1larcharacter,mcluding time stamps for stamping date of receipt of official mail and Eg eggggig, aigd repans Elgiretoé ghe purchase of supplies for phooo ying mac es , , 'f¤¤¤f¤r¤¤a¤il¤¤.<n¤. Trilor she%3vIQ3gHnand transfefring records files from and to the §asury f _ g and 1lS annexes in Wasbmgton $500. Suez; tggpilgngmgompprdg files frgm nme humired and twenty E Y e o ure Engya ‘ · · shelving for the same, $1,500. au 0 ving md P““°“*g’ md