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sixrY-*rH11=tD oonennss. sees. II. oe. 141. 1914. 475 For purchase of carpets, caxépet border and lining, linoleum mats, C°'P°”»°*°· rugs, matting, and repairs, an for cleaning, cutting, making, laying, and re-laying of the same, by contract, _$3,000._ _ For pprchase of boxes, book rests, chairs, chair canmg, chair covers, F¤¤¤¤¤¤· desks, ookcases, clocks, cloth for covering desks, cushions, leather for covering chairs and sofas, locks, lumber, screens, tables, typewriters, inc uding the exchange of same, wardrobe cabinets, washstands, wait;-nr pptolzirs and stands, and for replacing other worn and unservicea e IC es $10 000. For I(;].8.l‘§rbB(?8J1§ utf dgie hutomatic nre-alarm systems in the Treas- F¤¤> ¤*¤¤¤¤- an in er ° gs, $2,067. mzhlectiical burglar-alarm devices: For installation and maintenance B¤¤='¤*‘ ¤¥¤¤‘¤¤¤· of electrical burg ar—alarm devices in the Treasury Building at Washin on $720. Tloiysuplplying heat, light, and shelving for premises numbered P¤b“°H°¤·*°M¤P¤*— fourteen undred and fourteen Pennsgyania Avenue northwest, occupied by the purveying depot of the blic Health Service, $750. _ For light power, ol Bureau of Engraving and Printing Build- E§%f**’“’**g¤dwPr,<;}{_* mg; For ielgcgamc currentdfor hghtinglgln to elevator m old mg Bureau o graving an ing 'din` g . O0N·r1NenN·r AND MISCELLANEOUS E}CPENSES,,()FFIC'E or AUDITOR m;·I¤¤i*¤*,'¤¤ {’¤¤¢0f~ ron mn Pos·r Ormcr: DEPARTBQENT, NAMELY: For miscellaneous ceausgenceximas. items, including purchase, redpaxr, and exchange of typewriting machines, of whic not excee mg $375 may be used for rental o telephones, and not exceeding $300 may used for the purchase of law; bopks, books rg reference, anod) c1ty directories, $3,500; or urniture an repairs $1 5 ; For purchase, exchange, and,repair of adding machines, $1,000• In a , $6,000, to be expended under the direction of the Auditor ior ,,,,°§,,’f“"* °' °""°“‘“` the Post Ofiiee Department imder rules and regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury and to operate as a specific exception of the said office from the appropriation for contingent ex enses, Treasury Dgpartment, unless otherwise provided by aw. For purchase of tab ating equipment for use in auditing accounts mfnggggglggccggwv and vouchers of the postal seryice, including exchange, repairs, mis- ’ ` eellaneous expenses o installation, cards and devices, 86,350, to be expended under the direction of the Auditor for the Post Office Department under rules and rggulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury: Prmrid , That not exceeding $22,150 may be §Q{,”g‘@’,'{;,,,,,,,_ e ded for the rental of tabulating and card-sorting machines. F-Pm COLLECTING nvrnsxar. imvmiwm. ,,,%§§Y‘“‘ “‘*°“"" For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, deputy ,,,§i°§’,§‘f‘°”'* "‘"°’° collectors, surveyors, clerks, messengvegs, and ]amtors_ in interna — revenue omces, $2,150,000: Provided, at no part of this amount be $,03;; M_ used in defraying the expenses of any officer, designated above, subpcplnged by the United States court to attend baéxpy trial bgore 3 Unite tates court or rel1m1n` ary examination ore any nite States commissioner, wliich expenses shall be paid from the appropriation for "Fees of witnesses, United States courts/’ P¤*‘· P- $4- On and after October first nineteen hundred and fourteen, the ,¤$°f,i}>¤ ¢i¤*¤¤¤ whole number of collection districts for the collection of internal v¤1.:».1,p.ss1. revenue agd the iiyhole number of collectors of internal revenue shall 60{$·,2,g,,§‘§§,;_ 3"“· *’· t excee sixty- our. DOFor salaries and expenses of forty revenue agents provided for by Ag°“"*g"“g°“‘·"‘°· law, and fegs and Expenses of gaugers, salaries and expenses of storek ers n tore ee er rs, $2 625 000. _ Bgl)>l1eeiiing ihe incorlie t?c‘igli‘or expensbs of assessing and eollecting tapeueeting income the income tax as provided i;1¤§ar@aph N, section two, of an Act _,‘,,,,,,,_m_ ,,,,,,,,,,,_ entitled "An Act to reduce t duties, and to provide revenue for ¤d·