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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. 497 DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. ,,g7¤·¤¤¤¤* ··¤ ¤¤¤- Orrrcn or rrm A·rrommr GmNnnAL: Attorney General, $12,000; S_$f,§§;¤°gmg§,¤•;¤,?; Solicitor General, $10,000; assistant to the Attorney General, $9,000; swam. ’ six Assistant Attorneys General, at $7,500 each; Solicitor for the iL°ii§&'”‘p,p,,t. Department of the Interior, $5,000: Provzkied, That the title of Assist- ¤*°,§',%,,_m ant Attorney General is hereby changled to that of Solicitor for the change 61 emu me Department of the Interior, but this s all not affect the status of the mifsqsee. :m,p.e5, present incumbent or require his rea pointment; Solicitor for the wwwost Office Department, $5,000: Prom<£zd` , That the title of Assistant Pm cmu Bmw Attorney General for the Post Office Department is hereby changed mm. to that of Solicitor for the Post Office Department, but this shall not t,u°§"“‘° °‘ °m°° ml aEect the status of the present incumbent or require his reappointment; Solicitor of Internal Revenue, $5,000; Solicitor for the [kartment of State, $5,000; four attorneys, at $5,000 each, one of w om ,,,‘§,,°f§{,‘{°’”· ""“°' shall have charge of all condemnation proceedings in the District of Columbia and supervise the examination of titles and matters arising from such condemnation proceedings in which the United States shall be a party or have an interest, and no special attorney or counsel or services of persons other than of those provided for erein, shall · be employed for such purposes; attorneEs—-one $3,750, five at $3,500 each, one $3,250, fourteen at $3,000 eac , two at $2,500 each; assistant attorneys-—one $3,500, two at $3,000 each, two at $2,750 each, five at $2,500 each, one $2,400, two at $2,000 each; assistant examiner of titles, $2,000; chief clerk and ex-officio superintendent of build- etghm ‘”°'*· °*°'¤· ings, $3,000; superintendent of buildings, $500; lprivate secretary and assistant to the Attorney General, $3,000; cler to the Attorney . General, $1,800; stenogra her to the Solicitor General, $1,600* law clerks?—tIh1ree a;:1$%€000 eadli, two of class four; clerlk in oflipe of Siolicitor o tern evenue, $1,800; attorney in c arge o par ons, $3,000; superintendent of prisons, $4,000; disblusing clerk, $2,750; pri¤iiiiiii°t°°d°°i °‘ appointment clerk, $2,000; chief of division of investigation, $3,500; ,,,,,I},‘_"§§§8‘“°" ‘“"* examiner·s—two at $2,500 each, four at $2,250 each; two at $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each; librarian, $1,800; clerks—eight of class four, ten of class three, ten of class two, twenty of class one, seventeen at $1,000 each, fifteen at $900 each; chief messenger, $1,000; ,,,,,,°"f‘§,'§'°"· ""°"‘ packer, $900; messenger, $960; six messengers; thirteen assistant messengers; seven laborers; seven watchmen; engineer, $1,200; two assistant engineers, at $900 each; four firemen; two elevator conductors, at $720 each; head charwoman, $480; twenty-·four char- Dhhm { ts women. Division of Accoimtsz Chief, $2,500; administrative ac- ° °°°°°° countant, $2,500; chief bookkeeper and record clerk, $2,000; clerksthree of class four, six of class three, six of class two, five of class one, three at $900 each; in all, $463,630. CoNrrNer:N·r nxrmvsrzs: For furniture and repairs, including car- C°"“”‘°"‘°‘¥’°“’°° pets, file holders, and cases, $4,500. For books for law library of the department $3,000. For purchase of session laws and statutes of the States and Territories or library of department, $500. For books for office of Solicitor of the Department of Commerce, $300. For books for office of Solicitor of the Department of Labor, $500. For- stationery for department and its several bureaus, $6,500. mm For miscellaneous e enditures, including telegraphing, fuel, lights, foreign postage, &r, repairs of buildmgs, care of grounds, books of reference, periodicals, typewriters and adding machines and exchange of same, street car tickets not exceeding $200, and other necessaries, directly ordered by the Attorney General, $27,000. For official transportation, includingnspurchase and exchange, keep and shoeing of animals, and purc e, exchange, and repairs of vehicles and harness, and purchase and repair of bicycles, $2,500. 91006°———vor. 38-21 1—32