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498 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 141. 1914. Rm- For rent of buildings and parts of buildings in the District of Columb` $36,000. _ m§,°“°iF°’, °‘:‘*:,'§"'“* m6FFICE or Soucrrorn or rim Txmsuarz Solicitor, $5 000 ; Assist- ’ ’ anthSolicitp1r, §3,00{); lpshief c1er6l30$2£(];0; tiwo lavgwclerlgs, pt $%,000 ac·tw ocetcer at$2, e ;cer oo cass our, thro of cliiss three, two df class two; assistantmessenger; laborer; m $28,980. a ll`or law boosg for omce of the Slggligitor of the Trrgngury, $300.SOH S°“°*°°* ¤* D•v•¤*· c or- ucrroa or rim amxmm or mmncrzz c- gi¤°l`t M 0°mw°°’ itor, $5,500; Assistant Solicitor, $3,000; clerks-two of class four, tvlgosof class three, threeof class two, one of class one; messenger; m _ _ , 21,040. _ _ ,,,E,,°{‘§}"]§§,$Q{,,]?,2c*‘f"' a Orrrcm or Soucrroiz or rm: Dmmsrnmur or Larson.: Solicitor, $5,000; law clelrk, $2,0?0 Cl61‘kS—tW0 pfcclass four (orgs transferred from oili So `citor 0 artment 0 mmerce a.n increase 0 one), twocgf class one (trarisiferred from office SoIicitorofDepartment of Commerce); messenger; in all, $13,840. m{,’,g’f”"'°°¤’ °‘°°¤*· DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE. ,,§§,§§';'°,§{·—§‘,°;,*&f§}¥· Ormcm or rmt Smcamaar: Secretary of Commerce, $12,000; ¤¤r¤.¤¢¤- Assistant Secretag, $5,000; private secretary to the Secretary, $2,500; confidenti clerk to the Secretary $1,800; private secretary gg Secretcairyl; clprl; and superinltlendent,

`ursing er, , · 0 ointment `visin,

$2:500; Chief Division of Publications, $2,5(lli; Chief Divisionoof Supplies, $2,10%; clerks—tenf gfacggss fglrérli nirge of class tlpiree (three trans to epartmento r to casstw (vetransferred to Department of Labor and one transferred (from Census Oiiice), tv:}el-wiexpf clai:.)s one (one trsgnsiferlgroed fromhCensus Office and two trans e to epartment o a ), e` t t $1,000 h (two transferred to Department of Labori), sizig at $900 each (Ezine transferred to Department of Labor and one transferred from Census Office); two telephone operators, at $720 each; messenger to the Secretary, $1,000; five messengers; seven assistant messengers (two transferred to Department of abor); six messengers boys, at $480 each (two transferred to Department of Labor and one transferred a eac one ans ameno ·s’ ‘£°‘*£8I6‘gh“h§“?° B“t‘L°““}ér;°l?3"“t$.°'&>!"?.°°‘ “€'°¢“?l"£"3 >l°'°§H‘§;1 laborer, $720; elevator conductors}: at $720 each rtw; hremen, at $660 each· thirteen laborers (four transferred to Department of Labor); two laborers, at $480 each; cabinetmaker, $1,000; carpenter, $900; chief watchman, $900; eight watchmen (three transferred to Department of Labor); twenty charwomen (five transferred to B Department of légbor and mcreaép of seven); in all, $152,240. ¤~¤ M ¤¤r¤¤r•· Uamau or BPORATIONSZ mmissio , $5,000; d t - ”°f·ZL»,p.m. §i¤§>5r. $3.§0<{; chief clgrk. $2E530; clgjiefc 90 (il;11l,}$1:=8)(l)l; er ouro cass our,ouro ass , t , f class one, fifteen at $1,000 each; fifteen c06;yisS1t)s;0m(esse :15; atgislt ant messenger; three messenger boys, at $480 each; in IE, $73 3()()_ “**°**‘·“·*¤·y=*··*°· O FM compgmauegl gg per <1i¤m.,§_·{ be fixed by the Secretary of ommerce 0 speci a meys, specr examin , and 'al , v¤1.s2,p.szv. {,0,. gi., of cagggug on the work ofhsai(ilrSbmeai7’1i)(l1cs1 igiiwgvildtgl ecaprove eruaryourteent,`teeh d d tgree, entitled? "A.n Act to establish the Dep@(ineril; oglommeiirgse mdg,agg," the pe? giem to be, subject to such rules and regulations as the retary o _ ommerce may prescribe li f bs` te , at a_rate not_exceedinf $4 per day to each of slixlid giieiiialuattlcimldgse, special exammers, an special agents, also of other oizliceis and employees 111 the Bureau of Corporations while absent from their