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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3. 1913. 33 mmnn nsemnnn nnrancrnmur. mg$*¤°°’ Delm- Ynmowsroxn NArr1oN.u. PARK: For maintenance and repair of Y¤“°"$°°¤°· improvements, $125,000, of which sum $75,000 shall be immediately available including not to exceed $15,000 for maintenance of the road in the forest reserve leading out of the park from the east boundary, and not to exceed $5,000 for maintenance of the road in the forest reserves leading out of the dprark from the south boundary`, to be ended by and under the ection of the Secretary of ar: Prwm Proirged, That no portion of this appropriation shall be expended Restriction on rsfor the removal of snow from any ofp the roads for the p`l11'p0S•6 of '“°"'°”°°”‘ opening them in advance of the time when they will be cleared by_ seasonal changes. dh For widenilnlg and improvingesurface of roads, and for building R°““· lm ·°‘°‘ bridges and c verts, from the lt-line road to the western border; from the Thumb Station to the southern border· and from the Lake Hotel Station to the eastern border, all within Yellowstone National Park, to make such roads suitable and safe for animal—drawn and motor-propelled vehicles, $7 5 ,000, of which sum $35,000 shall be immediately available. ._ ub. Crater Lake National Park, Oregon: For continuation of the con- °’“°‘ struction of a wagon road and the necessaély bridges through Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, together a system of tanks and water—supply pipes to provide for sprinkling, in accordance with the recommendations contained in the report of the War Department published as House Document Numbered Three hundred an twenty- eight_ Sixty-second Congress, second session, to be expended under the cinxéeecgion of the Secretary of War, $75,000, to be available until en . Bxliiuunmos aim Gnomms rw Am: snoutun Wasmueroiwz For im- G,E,‘,f,§§{,‘f’&’ "“ prlcivement and care of public grounds, District of Columbia, as mIrg}P*°'°¤°¤“ md o ows: For improvement and maintenance of gronmds south of Executive For ordinary care of greenhouses and nurse , $2,000. 3F%r repair and reconstruction of the greerirhdrouses at the nursery, $ 0 0. hor ordinary care of Lafayette Park, $2,000. For ordinary care of Fr Park, $1,500. For improvement and ordinary care of Lincoln Park, $2,000. $7%%% care and improvement of Monument Grounds and annex, ¥°¤¤¤°¤* ¤°*"¤’·*· lfor improvement, care, and maintenance of Garfield Park, $2,500. _ For construction and repair of post-and-chain fences, repair of high 11*011 fences, constructing stone copingualbout reservations, painting yvatchmen’s lodges, iron ences, vases, ps, and lamp-posts; repairing and extending water pipes, and plurchase of apparatus for cleaning them; hose; manure, an aulix? the same; removing snow and ice; purchase and repair of seats an tools· trees, tree and plant stakes, abels, lime, whitewashing, and stock for nursery, flowerpots, twine, baskets, wire, splints, and moss, to be purchased y contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may determine; care, construction, and repair of fountains; abating nuisances; cleaning statues and repaumg pedestals, $18,550. _ Forgmprovement, care, and maintenance of various reservations, R¤¤¤¤=¤¤¤¤· ·¤=· mcluding purchase, maintenance, and dri of horse and vehicle for official use of the officer in charge of public buildings and grounds, and of other necessary vehicles, for official use, $30,000. _ $3I&>)1‘;)1mpmvemexit, care, and maintenance of Smithsonian grounds, 91006°—-—voL 38—1>•r 1--3