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516 SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Suas. Il. C11. 186. 1914. allowances of one ade higher than that held by him under his line commission, rovidled that his rank unde1·_sa1d comm1ssion_be not higher than that of first lieutenant, and, while on duty reglumng him to participate regularly and frequently m aerial iiights, he _ all receive in addition an increase of 75 per centuxn of the pay of his grade and lenlgthn of service under his line commission. _ _ m}’;’¤°¤¤•l°’°¤l**•° aviation enlisted men hereinbefore provided for shall consist ` of twelve master signal electricians, twelve i:irst·class sergeants, twenty-four sergeants, seventy-eight corporals, eight cooks, eighty-

_“**”°¤ two iirst-classnpgivates, and forty-four privates. N ot to exceed

forty of said e ted men shall at any one time have the rating of aviation mechanician, which rating is hereby established, and said rating shall not be conferred upon any(pe1son except as hereinafter {{,}’$g5,,,, in md Hgicvidedc Provided, That twelve enlnste men at a time shall, in the ¤Y*¤=- retion of the omcer in command of the aviation section, be _ instructed in the art of flying, and no enlisted man shall_be assigned to duty as an aerial flyer against his will except in time of war. ¥¤¤*¤¤•°‘P¤¥· Each aviation enlisted man, while_on duty that requireshim to participate regularly and frequently m aerial flights, or while holding Qwmm om} the rating of aviation mechanician, shall receive an increase of fifty wemqauea. per centum in his pay: Promdedfurtlwr, That, except as hereinafter provided in the cases of officers now on aviation duty, no person shall be detailed as an aviation officer, or rated as a junior military aviator, or as a military aviator, or as an aviation mechanician, nmtil there shall have been issued to him a certificate to the effect that he is qualified for the detail or rating, or for both the detail and ¤=¤¤i¤•¤¤¤. the rating, sought or proposed in his case, and no such certificate shall be issued to any person until an aviation examining board, which shall be composed of three officers of experience in the aviation service and two medical officers shall have examined him under general regulations to be prescribed bB the Secretary of War and published to the Army by the War epartment, and shall have geptzliiteddhignipa to be qualiiilid for the dcgaai of rating, oixlpirédboth the 0 ,1, e `an ra' ,so for in 'scase:Pr u , mu I - That the Secretiilsyg of `%ar shlirlllpgiise a propriate certiiiélites of qualification to be issued by the Adgutant (lleneral of the Army to all officers and enlisted men who sha have been found and reported by aviation examining boards in accordance with the terms of this smh B mmm Act, to be aualiiied for the details and raf for which said officers mampmmamn. and enliste men shall have been further, That except as hereinbefore provided in the cases of officers who are now on aviation duty and who shall be rated as junior milita aviators as hereinbeiore authorized, no person shall be detailed Kr service as ani avigioxal officer in the aviatilpn sgction until he shall have Hm I serve cre ta y as an aviation stu ent or a riod to be fixed b B•ting·tequir•- l?l19_ S8Cl°6l»81‘y of War; and D0 PGTSOII Sll8ll Il;;;6lV8 the !'&l3lI1 0% ”'“""* military aviator until he shall have served creditably for at liast hymgm M 0, three years as an aviation officer with the rating of junior military anmuemmuums. aviator: Provided further, That there shall be paid to the widow of any officer or enlisted man who shall die as the result of an aviation accident, not the_result of his own misconduct, or to any other rson designated by in writiglg, an amonmt equal to one yearlsg pay at the rate to which such officer or enlisted man was entitled at the ,,,?ml,§“,°*;’ g*°l'g_*$ time of the accident resulting in his death, but any payment made •¤¤i¤·‘~ in accordance with the terms of this proviso on account of the death vc, ,5, HL ,,,8, .,35_ of any onicer or enlisted man shall be in lieu of and a bar to any pay- ment under the Acts of Congress approved May eleventh, nineteen hundred and eight, and March third, nineteen hundred and nine (Thigfydifth Statutes, pages one hundred and eight and seven hundred and ty-five), on account of death of said officer or enlisted man. Approved, July 18, 1914.