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542 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C1-1. 191. 1913. L wrm- W : T d f nses attending the execution of vgiag P' m` writsRd1eSl1i)11:iaItil2:§linC§1nrei)id<i% goxmlinitments thereunder in all cases of mdigent msanegmrsons committed or sought to be comm1tted_ to the Government ospital for the Insane by order ot; the executive authority of the District of Columbia under the provisions of existing law, including the employment of an ahemst at not exceeding $1,000 per annum, $3,500. h;1.\:£8l'8St ma mm; INTEREST AND SINKING FUND. Am¤¤¤*» b For end fimd gidtlpe funded debt, whiclihsan fag e ai outo un an acconm ormacco cewi e c of gongress in relation thereto, $975,408. E”*°'g°“°’ md- EMERGENCY FUND. E‘P°“"“‘“'°°· To be expended onl in case of em enc such as riot pestilence public insanitary comhtions, calamitgrriy or iire oristorm, and of like character, in all cases of emergency not otherwise suHi— izgentlgaprorlgded forilm thehdiscregiczil of thei ¢01IlI1l18§1§§$fI'S, $8,0(h)(; m,,,·,,, , atinte urcaseo artices rovi orint' P Act no more than the rliiarket price shall be paid for any such artiglass, andegll bgds forbaggy such (articles above thx-Ldmarket price sgall rejec an new 1 receiv or urc m em open mar et as may be most economical and advantageous to the District oi Colum ia. °¤¤**··¤·*v¤·¤¤=· COURTS AND PRISONS. ~¤f*’?‘i>°e'i~‘¥¤*?““°° .· S“’¥°“" °’“t‘§°fI'.f.‘§‘?‘ Fé’?’“"*’€i°’ i$"‘i5‘*°%‘““%°E’5 i"“§*`”‘“’?"°"“‘ ion o convic erre rom e IS mc o o um 1a· -

 tgtslggpipg remains of decea?d coéivigfs to theia homksfii Ellie

me a. ·orexpensesmcurre mien an capied iegnvicts gud f?1££‘8V;1I‘tgS for éheir rélecaphiliri; to dlgpudildfd un er e on o e mey ener , $70 000. c·»¤¤¤¤¤=¤.¤¤·.¤¢c. Comrrnousm Drsrnrcr or Cowmua: For the force for care and protection of the coprthousei under direction of the United States marshal of the District of Co umbiaz Engmeer, $1,200; three watchmen, at $720 each; three firemen, at $720 each; Eve laborers, at $600 each; three messengers, at $720 each· in all $10,680, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General. bu<i1¤g¤1;¤g¢:Lr:1;g;¤¤l¤ Coun? or Arrmus BUIIDING D1s*r1uc’r or Counmraz For the ’ ’ ‘ force for care and protection of, Court of Appeals Building: Two watchmen, at $720_each; elevator operator, $720; three laborers, at $480 each; mechan1cian (nmder the direction of the Superintendent

  • `£gg;m_ of the Capitol Building and Grounds) $1,200: _Provu1ed, That the

clerk of the Court of Appeals shall be the custodian of said building, tliliidgg gig;) direction an supervision of the justrces of said court: in E*P°¤*°°· lfor,mops, brooms, buckets, disinfectants, removal of refuse, electrrc current, electrical supplies, books,_and all other necessary and incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, $800. §;3g‘;*°g;¤,g;c_ Fans or wrrmzssns, surnmm comzr: For fees of witnesses and payment of the actual ex(penses of witnesses in said court, as provided Sya§Sct§E;e)1gg1t hundre and fifty, Rewsed Statutes of the United

°·’°'i’;*;¤ Fnns or l1U”ROBS, SUPREME COURT
For fees of jurors, $57,000.

°>’° S·¢*°· PAY or narnrmrs: For pa§ment of not exceeding one crier in each court, of office deputy mars als who act as bailiffs or criers, and for expense of rneals an lodging for jurors in United States cases and gg 7b6t0igi1‘s in attendance upon same when ordered by the court,