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srxrvrrnrnn couennss. sm. II. ce. 215. 1914. 567 The commissioners are authorized and directed to pay to Charles H. Wiltsie and others, from the appropriation for "Refunding taxes, and so forth," the amount of certain taxes and other chaigiges paid by; them on account of certain properties erroneously sol at tax sa es. Junemnzrrs: For ayment of ju@ents, including costs t ’¤°¤¤°¤** the District of Coluiiibia, set forth in House Documents Nlumitired One thousand and forty-three and Eleven hundred and thirteen of this session, $10,145.15, together with a further sum to pay the interest at not exceeding four per centum on said judgments, as ppovided by law, from the date the same became due until the date o ayment. Except as otherwise provided, one-half of the foregoinlg amounts ,,$:§m*}'°'¤ D‘$"*°‘ to meet deficiencies in the appropriations on account of the District of Columbia shall be paid from the revenues of the District of Columbia and_ 0:13-half from any money in the Treasury not otherwise a ro nat . PP P was DEPARTMENT. “'“' °°”°"“"‘°"*· To enable the commission, created by section twenty-six of the ¤¤ ni°° public buildings Act, approved Ma thirtieth, nineteen hundred and v.,f§,,,,_ 6,,, eight (Statutes at Large, volume y-five, page five hundred and forty-three), to rocure not five undred lithoggaph copies in colors of) the ma_p, authorized m said section, of all nds in the District of Columbia in and to which the United States has title, to continue available during the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fifteen, $1,201, or so much thereof as may be necessary Rm d h b To pay the claim adjusted and settled under section our of the damn-§.2Z1m.” °' river and harbor apipropriation Act approved June twenty-fifth, "°‘·”·P·°"* nineteen hundred an ten, and certified to Congrem in House Document Numbered One thousand and fortyame, at the present session, $12. Ammm Sums, To pay to the American Surety Company of New York the sum of Company. I $100,35805, the amount of a judgment which the United States m£§¥“‘°“° ° j°°" recovered Laigainst the American Suret Comsanly, and which judgment, on ay fifteenth, nineteen himdiied an e even, the American Surety Company paid, under protest and to avoid the levy and execution under said judgment, and which was covered into the Treasury, which judgment was on June eighth nineteen hundred and fourteen, reversed by the Supreme Court of the United States and a new trial awarded and upon such new trial a judgment was rendered June nineteenth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, in favor of the American Surety Company and the petition of the United St&iZBS WHS g_ H_ pow-ning md To pay the claim of H. H. Downing and A. G. Weaver, attorneys, Aggigevsjéchm 0, for professional services rendered in connection with the acrgigement, mmeuuestimu. b purchase and condemnation, of five thousand two hun d acres v°"“·*"‘°‘°· ogland in Warren County, Virginia, for a remount station at Front Royal, Virginia, includin traveling and all other exxpenses incurred in attendance upon the Tfnited States District Court or the Western District of Virginia at Lynchburgzand Charlottesville, and the Condemnation Commission at Front oyal, said services embracing the period from June sixth, nineteen hundred and eleven, to August sixth, P nineteen hundred and thirteen, $5,000: Provided, That the sum hereby mmier mvncs. appropriated shall be m_full satisfaction of all services hereafter to be rendered by said Dowmng and Weaver in connection with the purchase or condemnation of said land. F, t L, t X The accounting officers of the Treasury are authorized and directed margin. wu ‘ to credit the accounts of First Lieutenant A. Moreno, Twenty-eighth $.':§,*{,‘}‘&‘;‘}¤'=· Infantry, special disbursing officer of the claims commission appointed '