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574 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 215. 1914.

.£,3}?°"“°“‘ °' DEPARTMENT OF LABOR.

,,§,’{}'“*"°“°“ B"' nmmau or nmrenarrou. ’°$° WW *’°'“‘· T to Jesse W. U f infomation that led to the collec- M rm · LL tion0o¥gg0,000 in penaltiEnsp(frr(<?1h the Dwight Manufacturing Company, of Chicopee, Massachusetts, and Alabama City Alabama, for nmnorting aliens under contract, in violation of the immigration ws, L*¤*·*‘·*"* $25’°00' mersmrivn ¤•m¤>¤¤¤···¤»¤¤¢- bgpéml mw; phgt; tig; ;dB;·1&tionz:;lhamou:i11t$r incdiniding th¢_¤%r;¤<—> occ specrli uner in esun cr appmpm. n Aol: for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and fourteen, $2,700. ¤¤*•· srzmym. w,,,"”"“,,,,,,,, °·””‘“°F,,,· To pa to Mrs. Margaret D. B dle , widow of Honorable W'1lliam t w g3016adKay, late a Senator fromrtfhe State of Kentucky, the sum of

 m.iZ2’Q‘}m££%%$”e3£."3?a°°§Z.'§i‘€§’.’;§?.,i’°.*£;°?.‘}a?&?i‘ ;i1.°.”°s¤:2:

""°‘°‘°""·‘*° June tiarusui, mem iumaréd me sem, both dates mciusivs, as £>lIl<;v;sg6((Elerk, $2,220; assistant clerk, $1,440; messenger, $1,200; N{;,‘“,Z’§{‘jf‘§,,¥;_“* mThb of the Senate is authorized and directed to pay from ¤¤*v*¤•¤ the apprspnatrons for salaries to clerks, messengers and others in the

 ftlile Seuatef fog the ii§[calPyear ninetglen   and thirteen eoo zoames .orter,at te $2000

annum fromdllgqarci tvlzngg-siF11rtuh to Aprié sixth, nlinlgteenohundred $165 n an ettie 'tas, at the rate $1,200 from March twenty-sixth to Agril fourteenth nineteen h1Pii?d1:§imd& R. B. Num thirteen, as clerk and stenograp er, respectivegy, to Senator Sherman. .sa·.—~~ ···· ..?;1.2*:4:.*.:.’t."..·..,N;:::;2:2;°:»·m2¤i.**;h:&¢.::¤¤zttsbase ' H1 0 OS Roads; to Investigate Second-Class Mail Matter; to Investigse Gene::.*;·s:%..;°:*a,“1?..;2g.ha:$*°.;i? Fmsr 0* , mm 8.1111 IDD Bmw huglrdred an}? thmg?¤,B§5Q0_L°° f M7. o a X · opa onorae arr 'umdb him' h E proceedixsli involvin the validit(;vro(f%n¢?;’•?d1eliftia1s and his rightt tg K I P kan a s;at in tt e Ignilged Stages Sienfti, $1,500. ·- °' ·_ opay ote onora e . . th f$267.12 Comma 3ompensa£tiontof6•;tlSe;1a&‘t>rb0f t,l1em·Il;gite<l) gtglteg for ays? anu wen- oem' 't hdredd'-

 which time he searbyed as anS1;11ia(tgl·1 frlolzb the agtatbhldf

0. ' *`E¤¤*}’,·,_G‘*¤=- To pay Honorable Frank P. Glass for QPOIISOS ° curred b him ' the proceedings involvixég the validity of(lus credehltials and I. Kn to a seat m the :United tates Senate, $1,500. _ smite. To pay Dennis M. Kerr for extra and expert services rendered to the Committee on Pensions during the first and second sessions of the Sixtyliilhigl Congress}, as_assistant clerk to said committee by detail gmxmm roam) e bureau of ensions, $1,200. mmmr. l'8lI!1 urse the official reporters of debates for moneys actually and necessarily expended by them to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, $3,000.