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4 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 223. 1914. 645 sunvsrmo mn PUBLIC Lawns. ¤¤"°Y*¤¤· For surveys and resurv of public lands under the superv1s1' 'on E*P°¤°°°· of the Commissioner of theydoooin Lmm oaioo ima direction of uio $;_‘”‘ Secreta.ry of the Interior, $700,000: Provided, That in expendingthis P¤¤¤¤¤¤¤•- appro rlation preference shall be given, first, in favor of surveying townships in whole orin part by actual settlers and of lands granted to the tates by the Act_approved February twenty-second, 3:*,}; Q; *1;;,*}*,%, m eighteen hundred eighty-mne, and the Acts szppgoved July ' third and July tenth, eighteen hundred and ninety, an s ' under such other Acts as dprovide for land glgaénts to the S9V61‘§ States and Territories, an such indemnity ds as the several States and Temtories may be entitled to in lieu of lands granted them for educational and other purposes which may have been sold or mcluded in some reservation or otherwise disposed of, except railroad land grants and other surveys shall include lands adapted to agriculture and lands deemed advisable to survey on account of avmlability for irrigation or dry farming, lines of reservations, and lands Wltlllll boundaries of forest reservations. The surveys and re- '°‘? surveys provided for in this appropriation to be made b such competent surveyors as the Secretary of the Interior may seict, at such compensation, not exceeding $2000per month each, as he may pre— scribe except that the Secretary the Interior may appoint not to exceed two supervisors of surveys, whose compggsation shall not ,§.,_"*"'"’°" °’ "" exceed $250 oper month each, and except in the trict of Alaska ~_ , where a compensation not $10 per day may be allowed such surveyors and such per diem owance, in hou o subsistence, not exceeding $3, as he may prescribe, and actual necessary expenses for including necessary sleepgfcar fares, said per diem an travehng expenses to be allowed to surveyors employed cmks, •¤¤·.i¤sp•cthereimder and to such clerks who are competent surveyors who may *“" be detailed to make surveys, rmurvecys or examinations of surveys heretofore made and reported to be efective or fraudulent, and inspecting mineral deposits, coal fields, and timber districts, and for um“,¥g;*{;_‘;_d_°?“» •¤° making, by such competent surveyors, fragmentary surveys, and such other surveys or examinations as may be required for i entificatiou of lands for urposes of evidence in anyhsmt or proceeding in behalf of the United) States: Provuledghrther, at the sum of not exceediigg $°2,,°,}’,';,,f‘?f' ’°’ '°°‘ ten pier centum of the amount ereby appro riated may be expend b the Commissioner of the Genera Land Silico, with the approval oi, the Secretary of the Interior, for the purchase of metal or other ually durable monuments to be used foéipixblic-land sugaey corners W k in gherever practicable: Provided further _ t not to ex $25,000 °' ‘"°'"' of the above amount may be used to bring up the arrears of office work in Surveyor Generals} offices upon returns of surveys Bled therem prior to the assage of this Act. nmdmd mm Abandoned reservations: For necessary expenses of survey, mmmuom. my a praisa.1, and sale of abandoned military reservations transferred to this ¢(;l:§•l'01 of the Secre&i?ulof£fh¢;1I1;1téahr1;3<:’r0nu1l;der the prplvxsiplnt; (gf an VOL 2,, p_ m_ Acto ngressa rov t , ’ un an e —our, and any law pridipthereto, iiicluding a custodian of the ruingn of Casa °"°°"°°°' Grande, $10,000. mwrrnn srarns eaoaoercar. suavsr. °°°l°°°°I S“”°" Office of Director: Director, $6,000; chief clerk, $2,500; chief dis- %’}f£{°§;,ooo, bursing clerk, $2,500; librarian, $2,000; photc§p_l:)er, $2 000; ass1stant photographers-one $900, one $720; cler no class two, three of class one, one $1 ,000, four at $900 each; four copyists, at $720 each; watchmen——one $840 four at $720 each; janitor, $600; four messenger boys, at $480 each; in all, $35,340;