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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 223. 1914. 665 feet wide through the property of the United States in Jefferson Countyl, Kentucky, used as a fis -cultural station and hatchery: Pro- §§{','$’€;},¤,, mkled, hat such conveyance of riglht of way shall not be construed as affecting the right or title of the nited States in said property or as rn violation of any stgiulation or condition in the conveyance of the same to the United tates, and on the further condition that the land or_r1ght of way to be conveyed herermder shall be constructed and mamtamed as a parkway free of any expense to the United States, and that all work thereon shall be such as not to interfere with the operations and efficiency of said fish-cultural station and in a manner satisfactoryIto the Secretary of Commerce. Woods ole (Massachusetts) Station: For repairs to wharfs and §'°%¥'°‘°·“°·”· for retaining bulkheads, $40,000. · Marine biological station, Florida: The provision of the Act to g¤fi<!¤- t authorize the establishment of a marine biological station on the Gulf cuu°eZZ‘d?Tx m i°” °° coast of the State of Florida, approved March first, nineteen hundred V°’· 3** P· “"*· and eleven, requiring the State of Florida to donate and transfer free of cost the necessary land and water rights for such station, is hereby _ amended and modified to read as follows: Provided, That the State .{."f’,_Q,'g, Oumdmd of Florida, a. corporation, a firm, or an individual donates and trans- wmr rimsfers free of cost to the Government of the United States the necessary land and water rights. mum Ore Clackamas, Oregon, station: For construction of buildings and ctnmuéumftx improvements to water supply, to be available until used, $15,000, and b“"‘“”““· °‘°· the Secretary of Commerce is authorized and directed to sell at tpublic sale to the highest responsible bidder, after due advertisinéf e old §sh·hatchery site belo to the United States on the ackamas sartoxorarsarmy. River, near$Clacka.mas, giegon, consisting of fifteen and eighty-seven one-hundredths acres, the proceeds of said sale (after the ayment of the erqilenses incidental thereto) to be covered into the Tireasury as "Misce aneous receipts, Ipnroceeds of Government roperty." Beaufort, North are a, biological station: Igor re airs and ad- §§°p¥‘§;,,1`§j°‘ ditions to buildings and improvements to grounds, $5,080. Edenton, Nort Carolina, station: For construction and repair of §‘§Q,'Q_{,°,'f·e§i,j°· buildings, $3,500. Burman or srnmanns. B“”““°‘S°“°"°“‘* Testiniof large scales: For the investigation and testing of rail- T°‘"”‘ 1°'“° “°“°" road trac scales, elevator scales, and other scales used in weighing commodities for interstate shipments and to secure equipment an assistance for testin the scales used by the Government in its transactions with the puglic, such as post office, navkyard, and customhouse scales, including personal services in the trict of Columbia and in the iield, $40,000. Chmm, ,ab°m_ Chemical laboratory: Toward the construction of a suitable fire- proof chemical laboratory, to provide additional space, to cost not “°’°°°" exceeding $200,000 under a contract which is hereby authorized therefor, $25,000. » MISCELLANEOUS OBJECTS, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. L,,Db$,§{°"“°“° °’ mmermrron srarroxs. I“‘“"g'“‘ “‘““°“’: Ellis Island, New York: Toward construction of another section irigigiig, of concrete granite-faced sea wall under original limit of cost, $100,000; °°°· For dredging, $25,000; _ For extension of fire-alarm system to hospital islands, $4,000; For salt-water service lines to contagious-disease hospital, $4,500; In all, $133,500.