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SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. sms. II. cm. 310, 311. 1914. 717 thoroughfares, whether public or private, and any ground intended for or used as_a highway other than the public streets or avenues; and any dwelling house now fronting an alley less than thirtéy feet u§§g’,§‘l'“’ °°°‘* ‘°" wide and not entendingugtlraight to the streets and rovide with sewer, water mam, and t, as aforesaid, which has ge reciated or been_ damaged more than one-half its original value, £all not be repaired or reconstructed as a dwelling or for use as such, and no permit issued for the alteration, repair, or reconstruction of such a builgivgg, when the plans indicate any provision for dwelling purposes: Pr ed, _'l‘hat rooms for gmoms or stablemen to be §T'f,,'§`§’;,,,,,,,,,,,,_ employed in the building to be erecte , repaired, or reconstructed may be allowed over_ stables, when the means of exit and safuelguards against fire are sufficient, in the opinion of the inspector of b dings, subject to the appfoval of the Commissioners of the District of Columbia; and no uilding now or hereafter erected fronting on an ;.,,Il,L'.;‘Z.."{°1li“"‘°’°t°" alley or on any parcel of ground fronting on an alley less than thirty feet wide and not otherwise in accordance with this Act shall be altered or converted to the uses of a dwelling. Any such alley house d<ipreciated or damaged_more than one-half of its original value sha be condemned as provided by law for the removal of dangerous or unsafe mm 0, midway buildings and parts thereof, and for other purposes. No dwelling requireanemna. house hereafter erected or placed along any a ey and fronting or facing thereon shall in any case be located less than twenty feet back clear of the centerline of such alley, so as to give at least a thirty-foot roadway and five feet on each side of such roadway clear for a walk or footway, and any stable or other buildiniiihereafter laced, located, altered, or erected on or along such an upon which` a dwelling faces or fronts shall be set back clear of &e walk or foctway the same as the dwelling or dwellizgs, but the fact that dwellings are located in such alleys shall not act the location of stables or other buildings otherwise. The use or occupation of an; building or other structure erected ,,,,'j’f,{‘,,, °' u*}§‘f§°§,l§’°,,‘{ or placed on or along any suc alley as a dwelling or residence or ¤11°1J“l;’1» 1916- place of abode by y person or persons is hereby eclared injurious to life, to public h th, morals, safety, and welfare of said District; and such use or occupation of any such building or other structure on, from, and after the first day of July, nineteen hundred and eighteen, shall be unlawful. Sec. 2. That any person or persons, whether as principal, agent, or m,l;‘§{""’ '°' "'°"' employee, violating any of the {provisions of this ct or any amendment thereof for the violation o which no other penalty is ogrescribed, shall, on conviction thereof in the police court, punish by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $100 for each such violation, and a like fine for each day during which such violation has continued or maycgontinue, to be recovered as other fines and penalties are recove . Sec. 3. That the Act of Congress approved July twenty-second, P,§§§°l°° l°`" "' eighteen hundred and ninety-two, entitled "An Act regulating) the W P- 255, raeonstruction of buildings along alleyways in the District o Colum ia," V¤1- 83. r- 788- end all laws or parts o laws inconsistent with the provisions hereof, are hereby repealed. Approved, September 25, 1914. Se tember 26,1914. GHAP. 311.-—An Act To create a Federal Trade Commimicn, to define its powers YK R· 1***} and duties, and for other purposes. [Public, No.w3.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of tbe United State.1;(¥fAmerica w Congress assembled, That a commission is hereby T'°°° °°‘“‘ creat and established, to be known as the Federal Trade Commis- mflrggggéwgpggfa sion (hereinafter referred to as the commission). which shall be com-