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SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cue. 10, 11, 13. 1915. 793 hereby, authorized to construct, maintain, and o crate a bri e and °°°—**'““*°°· , approaches thereto across the Ohio River, at a pldint suitablgg to the 22Y1i}`4i·i’ P` m' W` interests of navigation, at Metropolis, Illinois, in accordance with the PTOVISIOIIS of the Acts of Congress approved December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and February fourteenth, eighteen . hundred and eighty-three, authorizing the construction of. bridges V°‘· 3* 1*-***- across the Ohio River, and of the Act entitled “An Act to re§1late the construction of bridlges across navigable waters/’ approved arch twenty-third, nineteen undred and six. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ·‘·¤°¤*1m°°*· expressly reserved. Approved, January 11, 1915. CHAP. 11.-An Act To authorize the Government Exhibit Board for the Panama- January 11, 1915. Pacino International Exposition to an part or arts of the Government exhibit [B- 6*5*-] at the said exposition ei er m the exhibit palaces of tIi’e Panama·Pac1lic International [Public, No. my Exposition Company or in the Government building at said exposition. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represent41twh:es&{the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the overnment p°§M$¤:l$**P=¤¤° 11*- Exhibit Board, created by the sundry civil Act approved June twenty- Installation or covthird, nineteen hundred and thirteen, is hereby authorized to instah, §’{.,'§E2§{° °"‘"’““ display, and maintain any part or parts of the exhibit of the United ·*”'*· P- ’°· States Government at the anama-Paciiic International Exposition in the exhibit palaces provided by the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Compang or in the Government building provided for in the sundry civil ct approved August first, nineteen undred and .4.¤.,p.m:. fourteen, as the said Government Exhibit Board may determine. Approved, January 11, 1915. CHAP. 13.-An Act Eor the coinage of gold and silver coins in commemo- J*1¤¤¤·*'Y 16-1915- ration of the Panama—Pac1;1ic International Exposition, and for other purposes. · [Public, 0. X33.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the United Smeg of Amerika in Congress assembled; Tgit the Secretary of the P°°i°° E" Treasury shall cause to be coined at the United States mint at San ,0°§°*§,'§.§‘f¤§f},QQf°;f,'; Francisco not exceeding three thousand gold coins of the denomina· ¤¤¤¤¤¤<1· tion of $50 each, ten thousand gold coins of the denomination of $2.50 each, twenty-ive thousand gold coins of the denomination of $1 each, and not exceeding two hundred thousand silver coins of the denomination of 50 cents each, all of legal weight and Eneness; said coins to be struck in commemoration of the anama·Pacilic International Exposition. The words, devices, and designs upon said D°¤1¢¤°·°*°· coins shall be determined and prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and all revisions of law relative to the coinage and legaltender value of all) other old and silver coins shall be applicable to the coins issued under and in accordance with the lprovisions of this Act; and one-half of the issue of $50 gold coins erein authorized ,,§,{,’_"°"°“ W ‘°m shall be similar in sha to the oct§onal $50 gold pieces issued in Dm t _ California in eighteen liiindred and ty-one; and the entire issue of am c.,vZga.§,Ex°°°" said $50, $2.50, and $1 coins herein authorized shall be sold and delivered by the Secretary of the Treasury to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Company at par, under rules and relgulations and in amounts to be prescribed bg him. The coinage sha be executed as soon as may e and the elivery of said coins to begin not later than the day of the olpening of the exposition. Said 50·cent IS*“°°“*°°°¤‘°°1¤· coins herein authorized sha be issued only upon the request of the Panama-Pacific Intemational Exposition Company, and shall be