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794 SIXTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Cue. 13, 14. 1915. deli edto'tb thSecre of theTreas ,atpar,d the perihrir when lsaicll Pailama-Pta·<1i1yfic Intematioiilallylixpositionllllsillilatilll be oiii iall o . - m§§f°"“ "‘° “°"* mt medals and diplomas, with appropriate devices, emmpmu..¤,·w. blems, and inscriptions commemorative of said anama-Pacific International Expgsition and of the awards to be made to the exhibitors giereus, Sshall prepar¢}dh]ll>*ydtfii11Secm:lai;yi1 ofBthe at the ni tatesmmtat e 'aan e ureauo ngra` °°"'"’*"“‘ d Prinf , said medals andp di l mas to be delivered to said Tliinama-Plaigiic International Eiapogition Company subject to the R.S..s·»c.=¤51»x·-M provisions of section fifty-two of e coin e Act of eighteen hundred and seventy-three and upon payment gig the cost of the material composing said medals or diplomas. _ cgplaggriggggéaggg Sec. 3. That the 50-cent silver coins herein authorized may, m ams. the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, be comed or finished and issued from the machinery to be installed as a part of the exhibit of the United States mint at said exposition and or the puipose of _ maintaining the exhibit as an educative worlcing exhibit at times

®‘F¤tc1m°°f the coins so minted may be remelted and reminted. All of said 50-

cent silver coins herein authorized not issued to and at the request of Panama-Pacific International Expositionhwhether the same arecomedgasapartofsaidworlnngexhi itoroomed atthemmtin wo San be reiplelted upon the officgl closing of said °*¤*¤·° exposition. provisions ereo in regard to the coin , finish-` ing, or issue of said 50-cent silver coins rom machinery ilgzalled as ‘ a part of the said exhtibitsgalzall be copnecg, , and issued nmggr sucregulaonsas e retaryo te asurymayprescri; _ and the of the`Treas1u·y shall cause to be prepared a suit- ,,,?,,?’§‘g§f"’ “‘°°‘“ “"` able souvemr medal (of such metal or composition of metals as he may prescribe), to be struck off b the machinery in said mint H { ul ;ml;iilé1t,Is;1nd alltiogilaid medals shallc be delivered to said Paipanéa- Y¤¤¤¤= °*·° a c o Exposition ompany upon payment o e cost of the material compos' the same, d all th r u enirs which may be coined, stampueid, printed, oillbthervyise Bisslizdvfrom gig! ptzrtiopi of the Elrslted State; ovemment Shall lie depi- _sa GXPOSIII compan_upon aymeno ecoso e material composing said souvenns, ami) said souvemr medals and ptligl souvemas shéall be delivired to saidhPanap1a-Pacific Inditognaio Exposn on mpany su `ect to r t'o to ` apap; ¤g¤i¤p_;g»¤¤¤· sition thereof as the Govemmeiit exhibll;ul>oaii§u11i1ay Im-l '“ ""“"" °‘ provisionskwhefficr penal or otherwise, of the laws prohibif the counterfeiting or imitatingsof coins or securities of the UniteduS%ates ?}.§E'£.“..a.”*’l’Imif’£2.°..’1“I1°`2h..;.'T.jI’l&°“‘* °°“"°‘“” "‘°"id°d *°" §.*"’§"’"‘“°“ ‘°’ Sm. 4. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby auth ed d gn to obtain suitable designs for the coins and medals herein anitrhzorized, and the sum_0f $5,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, hm 1s_hereby appropriated out of any money m the 'I‘reasury not othermamnitsmsur. wise appropriated, to defray the cost of said designs: Provided, That the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Company shall reimburse the Treasury Department for the amount thus ex nded. P6 Approved, January 16, 1915. 17%% igéfgi 14.-An Act To increase the limit of cost for the construction of a public

 budding at Marlin, Texas.

i Be·it enactedbyt}»eSe1iateandH R tati the

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¤~¤;><1. p¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤¤· cost fixed by the Act of Congress approved June twenty-fifth, m§’¤l:36,p.6KL nineteen hundred and ten, for the erection and completion of a