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832 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. PUBLIC nmnnmos, ornnarme EXPENSES. gperatggfggicécés TrOperating foge: For such personal services as giegecretary of the °"°“ ‘° ‘ easury may eem necess in connection wit the care, t nance, and repair of all pdlxc buildings under the controlmgllzlie Treasury Department (except as heremafter provided), together Ass mt witlhl the grounds thereof ailid the equipment thereii:3 · {S inc ding` assistant custo `ans, 'anitors, watc en, a orers, a wd mwmm charwornen; engineers, firemen,]elevator conductors, coal plasseils, electricians, _ dynamo tenders, lam(pists, and wiremen; mec anical lqblpibiorce in cordmection with said bgildmgs, mgluding carpentlers, p is, steam tters, mac ` ts, an ainters, ut `n no c all the rates of compensation for such mechagical labor foi·ce be (d;cess _ of the rages ;:durrent7at the ti?e0;)arL1(§ledin @ p1ac1elwl;ere such services n¤nei¤gs` mw are empoy $2, 50000: r , at the or a ro- °“*“*‘°‘°· I hm priation shall ,be available for use in connection liiblic thuildingzxder the qeantrol of theDTreasury; lgepartgnent; including e cus ouse at ashmgton, istrict 0 o um ia, ut not including any other public bmlding within the District of Columbia, andtgxclutsfive of marine hospitals, quarantine stations, mints, branch mm an assa offices. m-¤m¤•.¤¤=. repairs of furniture: For furniture carpets, gas and · elegtnqglighting anrlga repairs gg same, for al l lic buildings un er e contro 0 the usury partment, w er co leted and occupied or in course of construction, ezgclusive of maixg hosp1tals,_quarantme stations, mints, branch mints and assay omces, exclusive of personal services, except for work dyone by contract or for temporary job labor under exigency not exceeding at one time the ggui o&g10I(§ aitcdang one buildiilng, $${;)1§),0£gh All urniture now pwn y e m tatesinot er pu `c vsandinbuildings rented by the United States shall be used, so far as practicable, w etléer it corresponds with the present regulation plan for furniture or no . 0g¤¤*“ Mvlgag} Operating supplies: For fuel, steam, light wate ° h ` ee; °l’ gm W t supplies electric current for lightiigg and piiwér I., Hictellgnhtdiig service $1* custodian frérces ;c1éemov of ashes rugtpish, snlqw, and ice;cu in grassan we s washmgtow ,an misceaneous iqems fop fg usedof the ceugtodiaip fgrepgiiln the and magntelpancc; ocompe anoccui pucui ante unst eo

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mainnanceo eequimentan urnis`ginsuc ui' ; miscellaneous supplies, tools, and appliances required in the operatisn (not_ embracing repaus) of the mechanical equipment, including heating plumtliggg, oistmg, gazlpipingi-\;1e;ntil2{.ting, vacuum cleaning an re{nge_ ra a paratus, ectric- ° t ants meters te ` gneumatimtube and) intercommunicating tizlephohe systeinsn cloliif mt wmng, call·bell and signal sgéems in such buildings (including B¤”°”¤¤ ¤°*¤°°d- the customhouse at Washington, tnct of Columbia, but excluding any other public building imder the control of the Treasmy Departlipenttiqisthindthe District of Columbia., ang. exqluding alsodmarine ospi an quarantine s ations, mints ranc ts, offices, and personal services, ezgcept for ,work donleuby coaiitraliisig Gas for temporary job labor under exigency not exceedin at one time the g°"”“°"‘· sum of $100 at any one building), $1,625,000. Tge appropriation hmm made herem for gas shall include the rental and use of gas governors, Rental; when ordered by the Secretary of the Treasury in writmg: Provided, That rentals shall not be paid for such gas governors greater than thirty-Eve per centum of the actual value of the gas saved thereby whic saving shall be determined by such tests as the Secretary oi the Treasury shall direct.