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864 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 75. 1915. of the United States who have been admitted to the hospital and who are indigent, including exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-prplpelled and horse-drawn lpmassenger-carrying vehicles, $285,250; an not exceeding $1,500 of t sum mzynbe expended in the removal of patients to their friends, not excee g $1,000 in the urchase of suc books, periodicals and lpapers as may be required ibr the purposes of the hospital and for the medical library, and not exceeding $1,500 for actua and necessary expenses inciured in the ap ehension and return to the hospital o escaped patients. m'}u';§,},j**”¢’ ‘°‘* For the buildings and (grounds, as follows: For general repairs an improvements, $55,000. For roadways, grading, an walks, $5,000. ugvtgligpmirsfim- oormmm ms·rrrm·r0N ron mn nmr. ¤¤r>r>¤f¢·¤*¤- For support of the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, ooks and illustrative apparatus, and general repairs and im rovements, $70,000. ger repairs to buildings of the institution, including plumbing and steam Htting, and for repairs to pavements within the grouuds,$6,000. mmm umvmay. ‘ HOWARD Umvmrsrrr. ¥¤*¤*°¤·¤°··•°¤· For maintenance, to be used in payment of part of the salaries of the officers, professors, teachers, and other regular employees of the university, ice and stationery, the balance 0 which shall be paid from donations and other sources, of which sum not less than $1,500 shall be usedfor normal instruction, $65,000; For tools, materials, fuel, wages of instructors, and other necessary expenses of the department of manual arts, $12,000; or books, shelving, furniture, and fixtures for the libraries, $1,500; For improvement of grounds and repairs of buildings, to be immediateli available, $10,000; “°‘“"“°”""“"““‘ Me 'cal department: For part cost of needed equi ment, laboratory · supplies, apparatus, and repair of laboratories andlbuildi , $7,000; or material and apparatus for chemical, physical, all? naturalhistory studies and use in laboratories of the new science hall, includ- 1D%`C8.S€S and shelvin,<¥_ $2,000; F¤•1•¤¤ Ucht or fuel and light: or part payment for fuel and light, Freedmen’s Hospital and Howard University, including necessary labor to care for and operate the same, $3,500; ' In a.ll, $101,000. uE‘r¤¤d¤¤¤¤'¤ Hemi- FREEDMENJS HOSPITAL. 8°'“"°°· °'°· For salaries and compensation of the surgeon in chief, not to exceed $3,000, and for all other professional and other services that may be required and expressly approved by the Secretary of the Interior; in all' $32,640. A deta ed statement of the expenditure of this B uhm surlp shall) be submiitteil todC1pgnlgres§; b dding f ° °°· or su sistence, ue an t, c oth1ng` , e , or e, medicine, P°“'p`m" medical and_ surgical supplies, surgical mstruments, cggctric lights, repairs, furniture, motor-propelled ambulance, and other absolutely necessary expenses, $28,000; In all, $60,640. ,,Q;°P°’“¤°¤* °' ’“¤· DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. rebut bananas. rrrnnrc Bumnmss. °°°*‘¤°*¤¤·¤·¤- Courthouse, Washington, District of Columbia; For- construction work at the courthouse and repairs thereof, as per estimate of the Superintendent of the Capitol, one-half to be paid out of the Treasury