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898 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. m1§§;=g¤¤¤· ¤*¤¤¤¤ Boann or nxmmnns, STEAM ENMNEERS: Three members, at $300 each, $900. _ A¤¤¤¤¤¤b“¤ b°¤*d· AU·roMoBrLE BOARD! Secret or actingi secretary, $300. I¤{»¤¢¤¤¤¤ d¤P¤¤· DEPARTMENT or rNsUnANcEiLrguperinten ent of insurance, $3,500; mw` examiner, $1,700; Statistician, $1,700; clerk, $1,200; stenographer, , $720; temporary clerk hire,‘$1,200; in all, $10,020. S“"'°"°"°m"°‘ SrmvEYon’s ormcnz Surveyor, $3,000; assistant surveyor, $2,000; clerks—one $1,225, one $975, one $675; three assistant engineers, at $1,500 each; computer, $1,200; record clerk, $1,050; mspector, $1,20); draftsmen—one $1,225, one $900; assistant computer, $900; three rodmen, at $825 each; chainmen—three_ at $700 each, two at _ $50 each; computer and transitman, $1,200; m all, $25,925; °“"'P°’“"“°""°“· For services of temporary draftsmen, computers, laborers, additional field party when required, purchase of supplies, care or hire of teams, $5,575, all ex enditures hereunder to be made only on the W’1'%$$€Iil authority of the commissioners; n a. , $31,500. $,‘3,°"‘P’°"m°“* EMPLOYMENT or 'FEMALESZ To carry out the Act to regulate the A~¢.1>- 291- hours of employment and safeguard the health of females employed in the District of Columbia, approved February twenty-fourth, nmeteen hundred and fourteen, namely: For three mspectors (two of wholrp shall be women) at $1,200 each; stenographer and clerk, $900; in a , $4,500. mhgfggauggg ·FBE¥l} Pmsmo Lrnnénr, 1NcLUDi:NG TAKOMA Panic .BB.ANCHZ mmm. Librarian, $3,500; assistant librarian, $1,500; chief circulating department, $1,200; (il}1ld1'QI1,S librarian, $1,000; assistant m charge of schoolwork, $900; l1brar1an’s secretary, $900; reference librarian, $1,000; assistants-—one $1,000, one H1 c arlge of periodicals, $1,000, one $900 six (including one in ch e of akoma Park branch) at $720 each, six (including one fofghe Takoma Park branch) at $600 each, three at $540 each, three (including one for Takoma Park branch) at $480 each; copyist, $480; classifier, $900; cataloguers—— one $720, one $600, two at $540 each; stenographer and typewriter, $720; attendants——six at $540 each, five at $480 each; collator, $480; three messengers, at $600 each; ten ages, at $360 each; three janitors, at $480 each, one of whom shall) act as night watchman; jamtor of Takoma Park_ branch, $360; engineer, $1 200; fireman, $7%; worlnnzm, $600; hbrary guard, $720; two cloalcroom attendants, at $360 each; six charwomen, at $240 each; in all, $47,100. 8¤¤¤¥-i¢¤¢¤¤· For substitutes and other special and temporary service, at the discretion of the librarian $1,000. hgf¤’d“Y· °“’·* °P°°‘ For keeping the central library open fifty-two Sundays from two oiclock postmendian to nine o’clock ostmeridian, Eve holidays from nme_o’c ock antemeridian to nine o’cl)ock postmeridian, and for extra SOI’V'1CGS_OD Saturday afternoons in July, A t, and September; for keeping the Takoma Park branch open on holidays and for extra services there on Saturday half holidays, $2,000. '“’°°“‘°°°“’· MI gUS, mornnme cliaxom Pan: BRANCH! For books, perio c , an n a. ers in uding a ent in advance for subscrigliitions to pe newspapers, subsycrlilption books, and society pub cations, $8,500; For bmdmg, by contract or otherwise, including necessary personal wgml §4’500; fu 1 11 a dm? or mamtenance, re airs, e , ' , tf u buil , lunchroom equipment, pur&ase, exchhg gngnd muaigintiinance o bicycles and motor delivery vehicles; andacligzaer contingent expenses, $9,000; In all, $22,000. ·