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904 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. HI. C11. 80. 1915. ·*¤°°°°“¤ B"°¢°~ Operation of Anacostia River Bridge: For employees miscella- , _ P y I _ neous supplies, and exjgenses of every kind necessary to operation and maintenance of the ridge, $5,600. Bowers. °*¢¤¤i¤¢· •“=· For cleaning and repairing sewers and basins $68 000. P¤¤=Pi¤¢ ¤’*’*°¤- For_ operation and maintenance of the sewage service, including repairs to boilers, machinery, and pumping stations, and emplzyment of mechamcs, laborers, and two watchmen, purchase of ccigs , g)aste, and other supphes, and for maintenance of motor truc . “¤i¤¤¤d PiP°· For ,mairi and pipe sewers and receiving basins, $75,000. “¤*>°*°°¤- For suburban sewers, $160,800. ,,,?°“’“‘°“*°"°P°" For assessment and permit,work, sewers, $125,000. R*c1=¤¤¤f*•v· For purchase or condemnation of rights of way for construction, maintenltnce, and repair of public sewers, $2,000, or so much thereof asmay necessary. ,,,§,‘Q,’f°°’°’° "“°"` Anacostia intercepter: For continuing construction of the Anacostia mam mtercepter along the Anacostia ltiver between the p)1;Stfall sewpgglsewlage-disposal system, at Poplar Pomt, and Benning, ` trict o um ia, $50,000. same. STREETS. °*°°¤*gg·E°*°, - DUs·r PREVENTION CLEANING AND SNOW REMOVAL: For dust ¤¤¤.mm° mwmd prevention, sweeping; and cle " streets, avenues, alleys, and suburban streets imder the immediate direction of the commissioners, and for cleaning snow and ice from streets, sidewalks, crosswalks, and gutters in e discretion of the commissioners, including services purchase and maintenance of equipment, rent of storage rooms; maintenance and_ repairs of stables, hire, purchase, and mamtenance of horses; hire, purchase, ma1ntenance,_and repair of wagons, hamess, and other e%1upment, allowance to inspectors and foreimen ger mlgmtenance of Hiorsijsdand vehicles or motor vehicles use m the pe ormance 0 o ci uties not to exceed $27.50 er month for each inspector or foreman; purchase, maintenance, agid repair of bicycles; and necessary incidental expenses, _$280,000, and the commissioners shall so apportion this appropriation as to pre- _ _ vent a. deficiency therein. ,,§“*’°“"‘ °‘ °"’ ’°" Dxsrosar. or cm m·:rUsn: For collection and disposal of garbage and dead ; miscellaneous refuse and ashes from private residences m the city of Washington and the more densely Ipopulated mma suburbs; collection and disposal of mght soil 111 the istrict of mgfvcmoval or night g9lumb(ia:fI‘;:·0vvded, That hereafpertmght sotill may be collected and

  • rspose o y an process satis ac cry to e commissioners: a -

g<;1;)t!pI5necessary ilrispection, livery of horses, and incidental exp,erl)se5s,

  • ’“’**¤¢°°°*“‘*“*’°· Pifgziriiso comnssrorzz For contingent explenses, ipccllpding lalpgrers rimmers nurserymen re air men an teams t '

trees, tree boires, tree stakbs, gree straps, tree labels, plaiitilng anii care of trees on city and suburban streets, care of trees, tree spaces, a}pdurp)1scel1ane£usitems;li¥4i.;>i000, of which sum not to exceed $5,000 _ sa eimme ateyav a e. B““““g °°""“· BATHING _BmAcH: Superintendent, $600; watchman, $480;_ tem-

 servicelz, supiplies, and maintenance, $2,250; for repairs to

duagg, iplooau, ;4n73gpkeep of grounds, $1,400 to be immediately avai a · , , .

 Pumad soamas: All dpublic scales now owned by the District of

Columbia shall be sol to the highest bidder or bidders therefor,