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910 SIXTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 80. 1915. R¢1>¤*¤·•°¤· For repairs and improvements to school buildings and lgrounds and for repairing and renewing heating, plumbing, and vent' ating apparatus, and installation of sanitary drinking fountains in buildings not suppliied iamq, anlg the taking down, transferring, and the reerectiono fl}8. esc oo , $100,000. ,,Q$g'§{' “°"°"‘°“t A detlgled statement of the expenditure df the appropriation made for the p ses expressed in the foregoing par aph shall be submitted to llongress m the Book of Estimates forage fiscal year ninemmm teen hundred and seventeen, and annually thereafter. puuus. 8 °x` For purchase and repair of furniture, tools, machinery, material, and books, and apparatus to be used in connection with mstruction in manual training, and incidental expenses connected therewith, $27,500. F°°l' ugm'°’ °°°' For fuel, gas, and electric light and power, $85,000. F‘“'““""°· . For furniture including clocks, pianos and window shades for $i‘Qtf2f;`ut°;.b.m"iid‘“gS.Li..g.”‘“EZ.°lS.$’.u‘3§‘.`£‘.§i"£.[i"*`t-%°’ k£‘3‘Z‘&‘;§““§‘§a““d.éf° s · uusunuuu. ‘ *’—m‘§§» y S6 mm schools as follows: One sixteen—room b on site purchased west of Soldiers} Home Grounds and south o Rock Creek Road, $4,800; three kindergartens, $1,020; one sewing school, $150; one wanna H, h cooking school, $300; one manual training shop $300; in all, $6,570. sumun. 8 For complete equipment and furnishing of the Western High g;1“g1';°;f· School, including necessary repairs to existing equi ment, $50 000. °p°°°°°' For contingent e enses, including furniture and re aus of same, . . XP . . P . stationery printing, 1ce, purchase and repair of equipment for highschool cadets, and other necessary items not otherwise provided or, including an allowance of $300 for livery of horse or garage for each the superintendent of schools and the su tendent of janitors, and includhmgls not exceeding $1,000 for booxfubooks of reference, and rio 'c , $47,500. m°”°°' PeFor purchase of pianos for school buildings and kindergarten smmwmm schools, at an averxggc cost not to exceed $300 each, $1,200. For textbooks an school supplies for use of u ils of the first e` ht grades, who at the time are not supplied witlii the same, to be tributed by the superintendent of public schools under regulations to be made by the board of education, and for the n expenses of purchase, distribution, and preservation of said textbooks and PWM supplies, including one bookkeeper and custodian of textbooks and nxuiuuiguu. supphes, at $1,200, and one assistant, at $600, $66,000: Provided, That the board of education in its discretion, is authorized to make exchanges of such books and other educational publications now on hand as may not be desirable for use.

3** ds For purchase of United States flags, $800. _ _

”"°°° ‘ lI•`or equdgpxgggg, grading, and improving six additional school p a groun , . M5? and repairing fifty-four playgrounds now estabe , , . “°"°°‘="°m mu- uauuus, muuuiui, mu labor, au- establishment and mainte- Ph l is department nance of school gardens, $1,200. _ _ suppligs. For purchase of apparatus, and extending the uipment and for maintenance of the physics de artments in the Ogusmess, Central, Chemgtry and b,_ Eastern, Western, an M Streetlliligh Schools, $3,000. ·¤<>sv 1¤b<>¤>¤>¤¤s. For purchase of fixtures, apparatus, specimens, and materials, for laboratories of the departments of chemistry and biol in the Central, Eastern, Western, Business, and M Street Schools, J. O1'(1&HQHd8§¥l]§OD liormal gchool, and Normal School umbered Two, an mst ation o same, 2,500. °‘““‘°€ ‘f“"°‘· For cabinetmaker for repairing school furniture, $1,000. ,QQ",,"fZ,}"*,'i;,°§,,§?’,,g?·",Lj _Hereafter pupils whose parents are employed oihcially or otheruse-ua. wise in the District of Colum ia shall be admitted and taught free of charge m the schools of said District.