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SIXTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 80. 1915. 911 Bmnnmes Ann oizommsz For completing the construction of the B¤yd*¤¤¤ ¤¤<1 new Central_H1gh School on the site purchased for that purpose and gndxniii mgn semi. toward grlading and other work necessary to pre are the site, grading of an at etic Held, construction of retaining w5ls, and construction Construction. of gg athlgtic stadiurln, $450,000. f h f muc as ma e necess o the appropriations or the con- EW ¤=°¤*<>* *>¤¤<i· struction of a newyCentral School bd)il)di1i)g are made available w.a:,i°**·= ¤°m’°°° for the complete equipment and for furniture, furnishings, and pianos for said bui ding, and for the complete equipment of the athletic field and the stadium connected therewith, in accordance with the plans and specifications on file in the office of the en eer commissioner. For completing the construction of the new lil-Street High School Sc‘{,,,,?*’°°* mu for colored pupils, on the site purchased for that purpose, and toward °¤¤¤¥¤¤>¢i¤¤- grading of said site, $250,000. _ _ For an eiglht-room addition, including an assembly hall, to the P°"°“ "°h°°'· Powell Schoo , $66,000._ _ The total cost of the sites and of the several and respective buildings ,,§;*{‘,‘*u§,g§;°g"°' “°¤ herein provided for, when completed u on plans and specifications ` to be previously made and approved, shall] not exceed the several and respective sums of money herein respectively appropriated or author- 1z0AfOr Sl§hnIi>`i1?1i1S6ti1s A t hall t 11 11 to 1 ed Wm www l‘0 3 C S 110 6 81 8II 130116111 0 |jmB,°w_,gm» undg1PorPin connection with the public slihools of i§hg6DistrictI:>f Do- hmm lumbia who shall solicit or receive, or permit to be solicited or received, on any public-school premises, subscription or donation of money or other thing of value from pup enrolle m such ubI1c schools for presentation of tmtimonials or for any pughposes otgier than for the E’°°°°°”‘ promotion of school athletics, including s ool playgrounds, school galpdepss, school publications, and commencement exorcism of high sc oo . The &lans and specifications an nu_tnni1ng&pmv1dtd for in this ""’“‘“°“°""“"‘ Act sh be prepared under the supervision of municipal architect and shall be approved by the commissioners, and shall be constructed in conformity thereto. Dm W ,,1,,,,, 0,,, The schoo building? authorized and a propriated for herein shall *•¤*»•*·=· be constructed gith ai dop1rsgnte§<%1d]1to be ulsed as exits or entirancgs o enmg` outwar , an eac 0 said d].DgS- 8V1I1g- in excess o t rdbms shall have at least four exits. Appropriations carried inuéiis Act shall not be used for the maintenance o school in any building unless all outside doors thereto used as exits or entrances shall open outward and be kaelpt unlocked every school day from one-half hour before until one-h ho1u· after school hours. Du, and dumb Commun INSTITUTION ron rar: Dur: For expenses attending the r>g,1>¤g·m M m instruction of deaf and dumb persons admitted to the Columbia In- \;0l:li1,p.84f.p. stitution for the Deaf from the District of Columbia, under section forty-eight hundred and sixty-four of the Revised Statutes and as provide for in the Act approved March first, nineteen hundred and one, and under a contract to be entered into with the said institution by the commissioners, $12,250, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ For maintenance and tuition of colored deaf-mutes of teachable age °°'°°d dm m°°°°` belonging to the District of Columbia in Maryland or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the commissioners, $2,800, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For instruction of indigent blind children of the District of Colum- B1i¤¤ <=¤¤¤¤¤~ bia, in Maryland or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the commissioners, $7,350, or so much thereof as may be necessary.