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CONVENTION—GREAT BRITAIN. AUGUST 16, 1916. 1703 (I1) Gruidae or cranes, including little brown, sandhill, and whooping cranes. (c) Ralliiiae or rails, including coots, gallinules and sora and other ra . (d) Limicolae or shorebirds, including avocets, curlew, dowitchers, godwits, knots, oyster catchers, phalaropes, lovers, sandpipers, sni e, stilts, surf birds, turnstones, wiget, woodcock and yellowllegs. (e) Columbidae or pigeons, including doves and wild pigeons. 2. Migratory Insectivorous Birds: Orggiéfgfggy msmivobolinks catbirds, chickadees, cuckoos, flickers, {lycatchers, S H ' grosbeaks, hummin birds, kinglets, martins, meadowlarks, nighthawks or bull bats, nut—hatches, orioles, robins, shrikes, swallows, swifts, tanagers, titmice, thrushes, vireos, warblers, wax—wings, whippoorwills, woodpeckers and wrens, and all other perching birds which feed entirely or Oth chiglfiy on ingpcts. B d Om i t 3. er `rrratoijy 0 ame ir s: ,°' “? "‘ °’Y Auks, auklets, bitllegrns, fulmars, gannets, grebes, illemots, Homme wd? gulls, herons, jaegers, loons, murres, petrels, pugs, shearwaters, and tems. ARTICLE II. The High Contracting Powers agree that, as an effective means of lisggfd Seascnsebmbl preserving migratory birds there shall be established the following close seasons uring which no himting shall be done except for scientiiic or propagating purposes under permits issued by proper authorities. . 1. The close season on migratory ame birds shall be between G°m°b°`dS' March 10 and Se tember 1, except Brat the close season on the Limicolae or shorebirds in the Maritime Provinces of Canada and in those States of the United States bordering on the Atlantic Ocean which are situated wholly or in part north of Chesapeake Bay shall be between February 1 and August 15, and that Indians may take at any time scoteis for food but not for sale. The season for hunting shall be further restricted to such period not exceeding three an one·half months as the Hi h Contracting Powers may severally deem appropriate and define bydaw or regulation. I N g I, i 2. he close season on migratory insectivorous birds shall con- "$°°"v""`"` `""‘ tinuc throughout the year. _ _, , _‘_ d 3. The close season on other migratory nongame birds shall con- "°"”""" "' s' tinue throughout the year, except that Eskimos and Indians may take at any season auks, auklets, guillemots, murres and pufiins, and their eggs, for food and their skins for clothing, but the birds and eggs so taken shall not be sold or offered for sale. Aarrcm III. The High Contracting Powers agree that during the period of ten segiiiliiilxigixlgreglglsd years next following the going into effect of this Convention, there shall be a continuous close season on the following migratory game birds, to wit:—— _ _ Band-tailed pigeons, little brown, sandhill and whooping cranes, B“"“Y“’°‘“°"· swans, cnrlew and all shorebirds (except the black-breasted and golden plover, Wilson or jack snipe, woodcock, and the greater and esser yellowlegs); provided that during such ten years the close seasons on cranes, swans and curlew in the Province of British Columbia shall be made by the proper authorities of that Province