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PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-'VINDWARD ISLANDS. May 20,1935. June 21, 1935. 3237 XVIII. NON-DELIVERY . Non-delivery. 1. In the absence of a request by the sender to the contrary, a. par- Return to sender. cel which cannot be delivered shall be returned to the sender with- out previous notification. New postage as well as new insurance t New postage, fees, fees, in the case of insured parcels (which must be returned in the e c. sam~ kind of mail as. r~eive.d) may pe collected frpm the sender and retaIned by the AdmInIstratIOn makmg the collectIon. ' 2. The sender of a parcel may request, at the time of mailing, that llR~estsfromsender if the/arcel cannot be delivered as addressed, it shall be either (a) a ow . treate as abandoned, or (b) tendered for delivery at a second ad- dress in the country of destination. No other alternative is admis- sible. If the sender avails himself of this facility, his request must Marks. appear on the parcel or on a Customs Declaration attached to or stuck on the parcel and must be in conformity with or analogous to one of the following forms: " If not deliverable as addressed _________ , Abandon' " "If not deliverable as addl'essed __ ' Deliver to ______ " 3. Except as otherwise provided, undeliverable parcels will be re- ~I~e fO~1 retumlVs' turned to the senders at the expiration of thirty days from the date un e vera e ~ . of receipt at the post office of destination, while refused parcels will be returned at once, the parcels in each case to be marked to show the reason for non-delivery. 4. Articles liable to deterioration or corruption, and these only, Perishable articles. may, however, be sold immediately even on the outward or return journey, without previous notice or judicial formality for the benefit of the right party. If for any reason a sale is impossible, the spoilt or worthless articles shall be destroyed. The sale or destruction shall be recorded and report made to the Administration of origin. 5. Undeliverable parcels which the sender has marked" Abandon ,~ ~ of abandoned may be sold at auction at the expiration of thirty days, but in case . such disposition is made of insured parcels, proper record will be made and the Administration of origin notified as to the disposition made of the parcels. The Administration of origin shall also be notified when for any reason an insured parcel which is not delivered is not returned to the country of origin. XIX. CUSTOMS CHARGES TO BE CANCELLED. Customs charges. Provided the formalities prescribed by the Customs authorities Cancelation, if parcel destroyed, etc. concerned are fulfilled the customs charges, properly so-called. on parcels sent back to the country of origin or redirected to another country shall be cancelled both In the Windward Islands and in the United States of America. XX. RETRANSMISSION. 1. Missent ordinary parcels shall be forwarded to their destination by the most direct route at the disposal of the reforwarding Admin- istration but must not be marked with the customs or other charges by the reforwarding Administration. Missent insured parcels shall not be forwarded to their destination unless than can be forwarded as insured mail. If they cannot be forwarded as insured mail, they shall be returned to the country of origin. 2. When the reforwarding Involves the return of the parcel to the office of origin, the retransmitting Administration refunds to that office the credits received and reports the error by a Bulletin of Verification. Retransmission. Ordinary parcels. Insured. Credits refund.