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3240 PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-1VIND1VARD ISLANDS. 17:23, 19 November 2014 (UTC);~.. liri~~ci. SlgnatlllllS. Approval by the President. 3. Done in duplicate and signetl at Grenada the 20th day of ~laYl 1935, and at 'Vashington the 21st day of .June 1935. [SEAL] S. M . GRIER, Gm'en!-01' of tlte lV indwanl blands. [SEAL] JAMER A FARLEY PosfmasteJ' General of the United States of America. The foregoing Agreement between the Post Office Department of the United States of America and the Windward Islands for the direct exchange of parcels by parcel post has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent and is hereby approved and ratified. In testimony whereof, I have caused the seal of the United States t{) be hereunto affixed. [SF..AL] FRAJS"KLIX D ROOREVELT By the Pl'(>sid(>nt : CORDELL IIULL Secretary of State. \VASHINGTON, July 10, 1935.