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(c) if the person who would be subject to surveillance does not furnish adequate sanitary guarantees.

Persons under observation or surveillance shall submit themselves to any examination which the competent sanitary authority may consider necessary.

Plague.A. Plague

article 27

When absent. If there has not been a case of plague on board, the only measures which may be prescribed are—

1. Medical inspection of passengers and crew;

2. Deratization and disinsectization, if in exceptional cases these operations are considered necessary, and if they have not been carried out at the aerodrome of departure;

3. The crew and passengers may be subjected to surveillance, not exceeding 6 days from the date on which the aircraft left the infected local area.

article 27

When present. If there is on board a recognized or suspected case of plague, the following measures are applicable:

1. Medical inspection;

2. The sick shall be immediately disembarked and isolated;

3. All persons who have been in contact with the sick and those whom the sanitary authority has reasons to consider suspect shall be subject to surveillance for a period not exceeding 6 days from the date of arrival of the aircraft;

4. Personal effects, linen, and any other articles which, in the opinion of the sanitary authority, are infected shall be disinsectized and, if necessary, disinfected;

5. Any parts of the aircraft which are suspected of being infected shall be disinsectized;