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6. The sanitary authority may carry out deratization, in exceptional cases, if there is any reason to suspect the presence of rats on board and if the operation was not carried out on departure.

article 29

Merchandise from plague-infected area. If the sanitary authority considers that merchandise coming from an area infected with plague may harbor rats or fleas, such merchandise shall not be discharged except with the necessary precautions.

Cholera.B. Cholera

article 30

When absent. If there has not been a case of cholera on board, the only measures which may be prescribed are—

1. Medical inspection of passengers and crew;

2. Surveillance of passengers and crew for a period not exceeding 5 days from the date on which the aircraft left the infected local area.

article 31

When present. If a case of disease presenting clinical signs of cholera appears on board during the voyage, the aircraft shall be subject, at places of call or on arrival, to the following procedure:

1. Medical inspection;

2. The sick shall be immediately disembarked and isolated;

3. The crew and passengers shall be kept under surveillance for a period not exceeding 5 days from the date of arrival of the aircraft;

4. Personal effects, linen, and all other articles which, in the opinion of the sanitary authority, are infected shall be disinfected;

5. The parts of the aircraft which have been occupied by the sick or which are regarded as liable to have been infected shall be disinfected;