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PROCLAMATIONS, 1935. 5. That all the waters within the area described in paragraph 1 are in such proximity to such vessels that such unlawful introduction or removal of merchandise or persons may be carried on by or to or from such vessels. 3465 And I do hereby proclaim that under the terms of the said Anti- Provisions of law to . h d 'bed. h' be enforced. Smuggling Act, t e area escn In paragrap 1 constitutes a. cus- toms-enforcement area, to be designated as Customs Enforcement Area No.2, and the provisions of law applying to the high seas adja- cent to customs waters of the United States shall be enforced in such area upon any vessel, merchandise, or person found therein. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. DONE at the city of Washington this 27 day of Augtfst in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five, and [SEAL] of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixtieth. FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT By the President: CORDELL HULL Secretary oj State. [No. 2132] AMENDING REGULATIONS ON MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION August 'rI, 1935. WHEREAS the Secretary of Agriculture, by virtue of the authority Protection of mlgra· d· himb . fhM' B'dT tory birds. ve~te In . y sectIOn 30 t e IgI'atory ~ reaty Act (40 Stat. ~~f~I~. 750. 75a; U. S . C ., title 16, sees. 703-711), hassubIDltted to me for approval u. s. c.,P. 686. regulations further amendatory of the regulations approved and pro- Vol. 40, p . 1812 - claimed July 31, 1918, which the Secretary of Agriculture has deter- mined to be suitable amendatory r~ulations permitting and govern- in~ the hunting, taking, capture, killing, possession, sale, purchase, shipment, transportation, carriage, and export of migratory birds and parts thereof and their nests and eggs, 8S follows: Regulation 3, "Means by Which Migratory Game Birds May Be ~r:u' pp. 3406, 3435, Taken", is amended to read as follows: REGULATION 3. -MEANS BY 'WHICH MIGRATORY GAME BIRDS l:IAY BE TAKEN The ~atory game birds specified in regulation 4 hereof may be RegulationsmodUled. taken dunng the open season with a shotgun only, not larger than no. 10 gage, fired from the shoulder, except as specifically permitted by regulations 7, 8, 9, and 10 hereof, but they shall not be taken with or by means of any automatic-loading or hand-operated repeating shotgun capable of holding more than three shells the magazine of which has not been cut off, or pJugged with a I-piece metal or wooden finer incapable of removal through the loading end thereof, so as to reduce the capacity of said gun to not more than three shells at one loading; they may be taken during the open season from the land or water, with the aid of a dog, and from a blind, boat, or floating craft of any kind, except as hereinafter provided, not more than 100 feet from the shore line as determined by ordinary high water or, where there is natural growth or vegetation existing beyond such shore line, 10401W-::6---I 'T II-no