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3582 8<!beduI6 I. - Contin- ued. RECIPROCAL TRADE-CUBA.

, 1 1::: Description of ArtiCles. IColumn 1 \ Column 2 98 -------:~hemica.l products not specifically classified; i \

acetone and wood alcohol and scale-removers:!

i 98-A I C~emical produ~ts not ~pecifically classified, when I

mlarge contamers or m bulk, G.W.T _______Kg __ I 40% , i 98-B Chemical products not specifically classified, when I insmallco?tainers,G.W:T---- __ ~ - - - ____ - Kg __\ 40% 98-E Ether, when In large contamers, G." .T __ __ __ Kg __ i 30% O. 0385 98--F 98-0 99 100 l00-A 100-B 100-D 100-0 i Ether, wben ill sm.:l.ll conta.iners, G.W .T __ __ __ Kg __ : 30% !\OTE: Small containerH are those of up to 1 kilo or 1 liter. Sulphonated oils and fats, G.W ___ ___ ___ IOO Kgs __ Pills, including those of quinine, cJ-psules, me- ! dicinal10zenges and similar articles, T ______ Kg __ : Pharmaceutical products and insecticides not i specifically classified: ! Constituting pharmaceutical specialties or those ! I known as patent medicines, T _____________ Kg __ ' , Biologicd,l and opothempeutica.l products, in any form, 1'________________________________ Kg __ Disinfectants such as creolin, lysol, bleaching powders, including hypochlorite of calcium, and similar substances, T ________________ 100 Kgs __ Threads of silk, cotton, gauze, bandages, court plaster, taffeta, and other aseptic and antiseptic articles, in any form, T ___________________ Kg __ Other pharmaceutical products, T ____________ Kg __ I NOTE II: The impor:tation of pharmaceutical I specialties and patent medicines remains subject to I the provisions of Note I, or of any others that the : Cuban Health Department may dictate. It is un- i derstood, however, that the Cuban Department of II Health wDl not impose any certification require- ment or any formality for the importation, regis-I tration, licensing and sale of pharmaceutical spe- cialties and patent medicines, which will be im- possible of fulfillment in the United States of Amer- ica because of the lack of a duly authorized I~ederal agency. It is further agreed that no fee in connec- tion with the registration or licensing of pharma- ceutical specialties or patent medicines shall be greater than that existing on the day of signature of this Agreement. NOTE III: No special customs treatment will be : accorded to any third country with respect to any article of specified trade name or other exclusive designation classified on the day of the signature of this Agreement under Items 99 and 100 of the Cuban Customs Tariff, without prior negotiation I between the Governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Cuba with respect to appropriate modifications in the nomenclature, im- port duties or preferences of the above-named tariff items. 20% 35% 30% 30% 30% 30% 30% 0.049 O. 80 O. 26 0.14 0.175 1. 05 0.07