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3990 RECIPROCAL TRADF~UATEMALA. Promotion of foreign WHEREAS I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States trade. of ...-\merica, have found as a fact that certain existing duties and other import restrictions of the United States of America and the Republic of Guatemala are unduly burdening and restricting the foreign trade Vol.46,p.70i1;Vol. f h U·dS f Am· dhtth did· th 48, p. 943. 0temtetates0 encaan t a e purpose ec are In e said Tariff Act of 1930, as amended by the said Act of June 12, 1934, will be promoted by a foreign trade agreement between the United Notice givlln. States of America and the Republic of Guatemala; WHEREAS reasonable public notice of the intention to negotiate such foreign trade agreement was given and the views presented by persons interested in the negotiation of such agreement were received and considered; Trade agreement en- W f kin d bt·· inf . dd· .h &ered intt>. HEREAS, n ter see g an 0 auung ormatIOn an a VIce WIt respect thereto from the United States Tariff Commission, the De- partments of State, Agriculture, and Commerce, and from other sources, I entered into a foreign Trade Agreement on April 24, 1936, through my duly empowered Plenipotentiary, · the President of the Republic of Guatemala, through his duly empowered Plenipoten- tiary, which Agreement, including two Schedules annexed thereto, in the English and Spanish languages, is in words and figures as follows: Purposes declared. The President of the United States of America and the Pres- ident of the Republic of Guate- mala, being desirous of strength- ening the bonds of friendship between the two countries by mainteining the principle of equality of treatment as the basis of commercial relations and by granting mutual and reciprocal concessions for the promotion of trade, have, through their respec- tive Plenipotentiaries, arrived at the following Agreement: ARTICLE I Enumerated 1m- Art· 1 th thd ports into Guatemala. lCes egrow ,pro uceor manufacture of the United States of America, enumerated and de- Po&l, p. 4002 . scribed in Schedule I annexed to this Agreement and made a part thereof, sLall, on their importa- tion into the Republic of Guate- mala, bod exempt from ordinary customs duties in excess of those set forth in the said Schedule. No excess duties, etc. The said articles shall also be exempt from all other duties, taxes, fees, charges or exactions, imposed on or in connection with importation, in excess of those imposed on the day of the signa- ture of this Agreement or required El Presidente de 180 Republica de Guatemala y el Presidente de los Estados Unidos de America, deseosos de estrechar los vinculos de amistad entre ambos palses por el mantenimiento del prin- cipio de igualdad de trato como base de relaciones comerciales y por la concesi6n de ventajas mutuas y reciprocas para 180 pro- moci6n del comercio, han llegado por medio de sus respectivos Plenipotenciarios 801 siguiente Con- venio: ARTICULO I Los artfculos cultivados, pro- ducidos 0 manuiacturados en los Estados Dnidos de America, enumerados y descritos en 180 Lista lanexa a este Convenio, del cual forma parte, se eximiran, a su importaci6n en 180 Republica de Guatemala, de derechos aduane- ros ordinarios que excedan a los establecidos en dicLa Lista. Esos articulos estaran tambien exentos de cualesquiera otros derechos, impuestos, contribucioncs, cargas o exacciones superiores a los que pesen el dia de 180 firma. de este Convenio sobrG 0 respecto Is. importaci6n, 0 cuya imposici6n