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4010 Schedule II. UnIted States Tari1f Act of 1930 Paragraph RECIPROCAL THADE-GC ATEMALA. SCHEDULE II Description or Articles Maximum rates of duties. Specl1lo rates in United States dollars NOTE: The provisions of this Schedule shall be construed and given the same effect, and the application of collateral provisions of t.he tariff laws of the United States to the provisions of this Schedule shall be determined, insofar as may be practicable, as if each provision of this Schedule appeared respectively in the paragraph of the Tariff Act of 1930 noted in the cclumn at the left of the respective descriptions of articles. 716 747 752 752 1618 1618 1654 1765 1803 Honey Pineapples: in crates in bulk Guavas prepared or preserved, and not specially provided for Mango pastes and pulps, and guava pastes and pulps Bananas, green or ripe Plantains, green or ripe Coffee, except coffee imported into Puerto Rico dond upon which a duty is imposed under the authority of Sec~ tion 319 Deerskins, raw Cabinet woods in the log 0.02 per pound 0.35 per crate of 2.45 cubic ft. 0.009 each 17% % ad valorem 28 % ad valorem Free Free Free Free Free