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2362 74TH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CHS. 825, 826. JUNE 25, 1936. [CHAPTER 825.] AN ACT lune 25,1936. --.; ; ; -,I>;=H:.: .,'R;:::.'- i 77-: -: . 'Zl:.: ..: .!-:;):-; -- To confer jurisdiction on the Court of Cla.ims to hear and determine the of (Private, No. 710.) George B. Marx, Incorporated. Be it enacted by the Senate and [louse of Representative8 of the oo?~'::!:· Marx, In· United States of America in Oongress assembled, That the Court of ~imsof,su~mitt.ed Claims of the United States be, and it is hereby, given jurisdiction to Court of Clauns. to hear and determine the claims, legal or eqUItable, of George B. Marx, Incorporated, aNew York corporation and assignee or suc- cessor of George B. Marx, growing out of or arising under or from the suspension and cancelatIOn of a certain contract numbered 4241, dated August 6, 1918 (order numbered 110016), which claims are for reimbursement and payment for services performed and goods fur- nished under said contract and order, for goods manufactured or in process of manufacture. and for materials and equipment bought, contracted, or committed for, by George B. Marx under the said con- tract, which contract was made by the United States with the said George B. Marx for the construction of a quantity of carts for carry- ing wire for the use of the Signal Corps, United States Army; and to enter decree or judgment upon said claims, notwithstanding the bars or defenses of any settlement, release, or adjustment heretofore made or of any assignment of said claims by Georg-e B. Marx to George B. Marx, Incorporated, or of laches, lapse of tIme, or of any statute of ~:trt8galnstclaim limitations: Provided, however, That the United States shall be given . c redit for any sum heretofore paid the said George B. Marx on said claims. ~ntroduction of car· SEC. 2 . The record or a~ part of the record of the proceedings and tain records, etc. hearings had before the mmittee on \Yar Claims of the House of Representatives, on H. R. 1611 in the second session of the Seventy- first Congress, and the third session of the Seventy-first Congress, together with any and all exhibits, affidavits, or inventories presented to or filed with the said 'Var Claims Committee of the House of Rep- resentatives in connection with said Act, and together with any and all Government reports, statements, inventories and other documents, on file in the \Var Department or any other department of the Gov- ernment or elsewhere, having a bearing upon the claim embodied in said Act, IPay be introduced before the Court of Claims with the full force of depositions subject to objections as to materiality and relevancy. Commencement of SEC. 3 . Such claims mar be instituted at any time within four suit. months from the approva of this Act. Proceedings in any suit brought in the Court of Claims under this Act, appeals therefrom, and payment of any judgment therein shall be had as in the case of u. s. c., p. 1261. claims over which such court has jurisdiction under section 145 of the Judicial Code, as amended. lune 25, 1936. (H. R . 78M.) (Private, No. 71i.J Approved, June 25, 1936. [CHAPTER 826.] AN ACT For the relief of Edward P. Oldham, .Junior. . .11 .e it enMted bJI the Ser:ate and H O'INW of Representatives 01 the luTarmstroBot (talk).ard P. Oldham, unzted States of America 'in Oongress a.<J8e1nbled, That the Secretary Payment to. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized lind directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $5,000 to Edward P. Oldham, Junior, of Flagstaff, Arizona, in full satisfaction of his claim against the United States for injuries