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2078 UTII CO~GRESS. SESS. I. CHS. 250, 251. JUXE 14, 1935. [CHAPTER 25C.] AN ACT June B, 1935. __ ._[[[User:TarmstroBot|TarmstroBot]] (talk)L_. __ To confer jurisdiction upon the Court of Claims to hear, determine, and render (Private, No. 81.] judgment upon the claim, or claims, of Duke E. Stubbs and Elizabeth S. Stubbs, both of McKinley Park, Alaska. Be it eMCted by the Senate and House of Represcntatit'cs of the ~uke E. Stuhhs and United States of America in Congress assembled That jurisdiction Ehzabeth s. Stubhs. • C· f'hU .dS OJalms of, referred. to IS hereby conferred upon the Court of lanns 0 t e mte tates Court of Claims I d . dd.d II· I. .. to lear, etermme, an ren er]u gment upon t le c ann, or calms, of Duke E. Stubbs and Elizabeth S. Stubbs, or either of them. both of McKinley Park, Alaska, for any losses and damages sus- tained by Duke E. Stubbs and Elizabeth S. Stubbs in the silver fox farming and trading post business, or other business and occupa- tion, conducted by them, or either of them, at McKinley Park, Alaska, arising out of the extension of the limits of the Mount McKinley N ahonal Park by an Act of Congress approved on the Vol. 47,p. f .s. 19th day of March 1932 (47 Stat. 68), and/or by virtue of any aets, or actions, of any and all officers and employees of the United States in carrying out or in connoction with the exttC'nsion of the limits of Mount McKinley National Park after the 19th day of March 1932: Proviso. Provided, That the action in the Court of Claims to E'stablish such Institution or suit I Id be't'ttd .tl. f Id riglit v[ appoal, etc. • osses an( amages may Ins IU e WI un one year rom t Ie ate of the approval of this Act, and the same right of appeal to the United States Supreme Court from the judgment of the Court of Claims shall be had as in other causes in thut court. Approved, June 14, 1935. [CHAPTER 251.] AN ACT June 14, W35. __ (S~_214()·t _ For the relief of certain Indians of the Flathead Reservation killed or injured (Private, 1'\0. 82.J en route to dedication ceremonies, f the Going-to-the-Sun Highway, Glacier National Park. Be it enacted by th(' Senate and Hou~e of Represcntatit'es of the Fla.tltead In.lhn Hes- United States of Amer2-ea in Oongress a8senl,bled That the Secretan ervatlon. , • . '. ~ Payments II> ",'rlain of the rreasury be, and he IS hereby, authOrIzed and dIrected to pay, members "f. f'· 1T h' . dl~ out 0 any money III t le reasury not ot erWIse approprIate , t 1e I-\ums of $2,890 in full settlement of all daim~' of the following Indians of the Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana, against the Pnited States, arising out of any and all injuries sustained while en route to the dedication ceremonies of the Going-to-the-Sun High- way in Glacier National Park in the amounts indicated: Sophie Conko, $600; Mary Calowahcan Smallsalmon, $190; Alexander Calowahcan, $250; Michael Smallsa]mon, $250; Joseph ",.. ()O{lcock, $30; Martine Siwahsah, $20; Sophie C. Granjo, $20; Sophie Moiese, $600; Isabel Granjo, $30; Eneas Granjo, $50; :Mary Kyser Stateah, $600; Eneas Michel Conko, $50; Pierre Pierre, $50; William Michel, Prov;.,,, , $50·, AndrE'w Manybear, $100: Provided, That if any of the bene- J"ilynwnt b hr, "" . ~ ficiaries under this Act arc deceased, payment herein authorized shall be made to thE'ir hE'irs; and to pay the sum of $3,000 to the heirs of I .. ouise Cullooyah, decease(l, and the sum of $3,000 to the heirs of Midiel Kizer, deceased, also of the Flathead Indian Reser- vation, who WE're killed while en route to the said dedication cere- monies of the Going-to-the-Sun Highway in Glacier National Park in full settlement of all claims against the United States arising out of the death of the said Indians on the said occasion. Approved, June 14, 1935.