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2086 Lucile A. Abhey. Provisions of Em- ployees' Compensation Act extended to. Vol. 39, p_ 7Jf>. F.fl. C., p. 100. Proviso. No prior benefit.~. June 24,1935. (8.144 .) (Private, No. \1\1 .) 74TH CONGHES8. SESS. I. CRS. :W4-297. JrSE 24. 1935. Margaret G. Baldwin, widow of Fre(lerick ,,~. Baldwin, late consul, Habana, Cuba, the sum of $3,500, being one year's salary of her deceased husband, who died while in the Foreign Service; and there is hereby authorized to be appropriated a sufficient sUln to carry out the purposes of this Act. Approved, June 24, 1935. [CHAPTER 295.] AN ACT For the relief of Lucile A. Abbey. Be it enactcd by tlte Se1wte and Ilou8c of Rcprc8Cil.tath·cs of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in the admin- istration of the Act entitled "An Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the per- formance of their duties, and for other purposes ", approved Septem- ber 7,1916, as amended, the lJnited States Employees' Compensation Commission is hereby authorized to consider and determine the claim of Lucile A. Abbey, in the same manner and to the same extent as if said Lucile A. Abbey had made application for the benefits of said Act within the one-year period required by sections 17 and 20 thereof: Pro~'ided, That no benefits shall accrue prior to the approval of this Act. Approved, June 24, 1935. [CHAPTER 296.] AX ACT For the relief of Austol\ I L. Tierney. Be it en.(l.(Jtea by the Senate and House of R('p1Ys(,71tativfs of tlle AI~s~n L. Tierney. United State8 of Anurica in ('01101 '1 '88 mI8('mblcd, That in the ac1min- Mlhtary record cor- . tt' f If' . 1 . '1 db' rected. IS ra IOn 0 any aws con errmg rIg lts, pl'lVI eges, an enehts upon honorably discharged soldiers Austin 1 L. Tierney~ who served as a fireman, third-class, United States Navy, shall b(~ held and considere(i PrOlliao. No back pay ,etc. Ralph Jo:. Woolley. Payment to. to have been honorably discharged from the naval service of the United States as a fireman, third class, on April 25, 1918: Provided, That no compensation, retirement pay, back pay, or other benl'fits shall be held to have accrued, nor to accrue in tb~ future, bv reason of the passage of this Act. ~ Approved, June 24, 1935. [CHAPTER 297.] AN ACT For the relief of Ralph E. Woolley. Be it en.acted by the Senate aild IlO1.l8C of Reprc.'I('niativ('s of tlte Unitpd States of America in Congres.'l (l.'f8e7nbled, That the 8ecl'<'- tary of the Treasury b<" and he is hereby, autlioriz<'d and direct p(l to. pay, out of any n~mey in the Trl'asury not otherwise appr()- prIated, the sum of $1,755.47 to Ralph E. 1Voolley, of Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, in full satisfaction of all claims against tll\' United States for damages on account of delav in the ('onstruction of certain buildings at the N ayal operating ihse, Pearl Harbor. Territory of Hawaii, making necessary extra l'xpenditnrt's in ('on- nection with the installation, under (,(ll1trnet numbered 245, datt'd 1 So in original.