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66 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 256, 257. 1836, Land for Sec. 2, And be it further enacted, That for such depots, Watering W°¤kSh°PS· &°· places and work-shops as may be essentxal to jche convemem use of the said road; there shall be also granted to the sand eornpany, such porlions of the public land, as they may, under lake resmcuons and condmons, Proviso. select, on either side of the said road: Pravzded, That not more than five acres, to be laid 0H` in a squaxe form, shall be selected for such use Proviso. or purpose, at any one place; Provided, also, That not more than one such square shall be granted for everyfnheeu miles of the said road Proviso. lying within the public lands; And pmvzdcd, moreover, That such selec- 4 tions shall be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury for the time being. . Sec. 3. And be it further enacted That so long as the public lands bgvlglglllsmay in the vicinity of the said road shall remliziu unsold, tlae said company shall have power to take therefrom suc matenas 0 eart stone, or Pmvisu. wood, as may be necessary for the doustructicu of the said noad, Pmvidcd, That the grants herein contained, as well of the use of the public lands, as of the materials for the construction of the said road, shall cease and determine, unless the road be begun within the period of two years from the date of this act, and completed within eight years thereproviso_ aiier. And provided, morcvvcrj, That if the Said road shall, at any time after its completion, be discontinued or abandoned by the said company, the grants, hereby made, shall cease and determine. Armovmm, July 2, 1836. Snzruu I, ""'L' July 2 1836 CHAP. CCLVI.-—An .0ct to renew the gold medal slruck andpresemfed to General -—;._L. Morgan, by order of Congress, in lumm- of the battle of lhe Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Medal to be States of America in Congress assembled, That in pursuance of the BUICK by ;_h<=h request of Morgan Neville, in his memorial presented at the present Mffm ° I ° session of Congress, the director of the mint, be and he is hereby, autlgorized and directed to cause to be struck, :1 gold medal of the intrinsic v ue of one hundred and fifty dollars i11_honor of the battle of the Cowpens, which was fought on the seventeenth day of January, seventeen hundred and eighty-one, to replace the original medal presented Act of March by a resolution of the continental Congress, of March ninth, seventeen ’· 18% °h·33· hundred and eighty-one, to Brigadier Genera] Daniel Morgan; the said medal to pe struck from the original die, and delivered, when executed, to the szud Morgan Neville, the lineal heir of General Morgan; the expense of the same to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. ‘ Approved, July 2, 1836. Snrum I. —-————-· July 2.1836· CHAP. CCLVII.-—.£n Act to rqmzir and extend the United Staies drsenal td [Obsolete_] Charleston, Sw!/1. Clzrolimz. Be it enacted the Senate and House of Rcg>resentatives q" the United States of Jlmarzca m Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War lae, and he xs hereby authorized and directed to cause such repairs and improvements to be made to the United States arsenal in Charleston, South Carolina, as may be deemed necessary for the public service; and they the sum oft twenty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby, approplmted for ghxs purpose, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropnated. APPROVED, July 2, 1836.