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152 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sr-ass. II. Ch. 19, 20. 1837. Philosophical For philosophical apparatus, and repairs of the same, three hundred ”l’p"'““S' dollars ; _ _ Depmmcm For models for the department of engineering, three hundred dollars; 0f ¤¤€i¤¤¤*i¤€· For models for the drawing department, apparatus and contingengjes ol)j*Q:$Q;“°s of ¢he`depa,rtment of chemistry, and instruments and repairs for the chemistry, ind mathematical department, eight hundred and fifty dollars; m¤*h¤m¤**°¤· For incidental expenses of the department of artillery, three hundred Dc tmentof _ ,,,,,f;';',_ anim, _ _ L“,,,,y_ For increase and oicpensos ofltho library, six hundred dollars; Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents; Cumplesing For completing the chapel, one thousand two hundred and fifty-three

  • 1*6 °h¤P¤l· dollars and thirty-five cents; _ _ _

A building for For the erection of a suitable building to contain the public stores, glgrggblic one thousand five hundriod dollgs; d f h ‘ - For the re aration o a ar un construction o permanent s o s oipiildihushggg, suitable fodlcagpcutcrs, painiiars, blacksmiths, and so forth, and for the &°· safe-keeping of implements and materials, eight thousand dollars; A·buildin§Lfoi· For the erection, as per plan, of a building for recitation and mili- '°°“‘“°“· °· tary exercises, in addition to amount heretofore appropriated, thirty thousand dollars; E,.,,,,;,,,, 0; For the erection of new barracks, for the Military Academy departnew barracks. ment, to consist of eight buildings, at five hundred dollars each, four thousand dollars; Grading um For grading the grounds about the exercise hall, and removing tcmgmunds, &c. porary buildings, three hundred and fifty dollars; Compensation For compensation to the acting professor of chemistry, mineralogy,

  • 0 :]*6 ¤¢>*i¤z and geology, at the Military Academy, between the Hist of September

££;;F::y°%m one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven, and the nist of September, ’ ° one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, at twenty-five dollars per month, three hundred dollars; A painting For a painting-room for the professor of drawing, eight hundred ’°°“‘· dollars. Approved, March 2, 1837. Snrvrm II. Much 2, 1831 Cmp. XIX.-ln Act respecting discriminating duties upon Dutch and Be@an ·—···—-——~ vessels and their cargoes. (11) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United dghfoiagg States of America in Congress assembled, That the same duties shall on BE; im, vw be levied and collected in tho ports of the United States, on Belgian eels ani their- vessels and their cargoes, which are now levied and collected on Dutch

‘;§°€vi:§ of vessels and their cargoes; but nothing in this act contained shall bc

Dutch ,68,8,, construed to prevent the President of the United States fiom enforcing, and their cur. whcnsocvcr he may deem proper, both against Dutch and Belgian ves- $°°“· sels, or either of them, and their cargoes, the provisions of the third $2;* gf;] Jpn. 7, section of thsact entitled “An not concerning discriminating duties of ’ * ‘ tonnage and imposts," approved the seventh day of January, one thou sand eight hundred and twenty-four. Avrnovno, March 2, 1837. Smrvms 1I. March 2, 1837. CHAP._XX.—-zdnnict making an additional appv-opriaiion for the suppression ry"

 Indzan hostzlttzes, fm- the year one thousand eight hundred and thiriy-seven.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the $2,oou,qq¤ ap. United States of America. in Congress assembled, That the further sum Pwvrianed. of two millions of dollars shall be, and the same is hereby, appropriated (a) Notes of the acts which have been passed relating to discriminating duties, vol. 4, 2.