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TWEN'FY—FOURT[·l CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.21,22. 1837. 153 out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to defray any expenses which have been, or may be incurred, in preventing or suppressing the hostilities of any Indians; to be expended under the Howto be ex. direction of the Secretary of War, conformably to the acts of Congress P¤¤d<*d· of the 19th of March, and the second of July last, and of the acts therein referred to. Avrnovmp, March 2, 1837. CHAP. XXI.--./2n Jlct to provide for the enlistment of boys for the naval service, STATUE IL and io extend the term of t/tc enlistment of seamen. Much 2’ 18m' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 1845»°h· 17- United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be lawful Boys may bo to enlist boys for the navy, with the consent of their parents or guar- enlisted. dians, not being under thirteen, nor over eighteen years of age, to serve until they shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years; and it shall be lawful to enlist other persons for the navy, to serve for at period not Other persons exceeding five years, unless sooner discharged by direction of the °;E°d President of the United States; and so much of an act entitled "An so muah 012 act to amend the act entitled ‘An act to amend the act authorizing ac; 15;}, May, the employment of an additional naval force,’ " approved fifteenth 1829 $=l¤· 13% May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, as is inconsistent with ?§n;sv;3‘;°;‘§;§` the provisions of this act, shall be, and is hereby, repealed. mt, repealed_ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That when the time of service of Any person any person enlisted for the navy, shall expire, while he is on board any whose time exof the public vessels of the United States, employed on foreign service, P"! "bih .°¤ it shall be the duty of the commanding officer of the fleet, squadron, or 31E26E2r3i?; vessel, in which such person may be, to send him to the United States States, &.e. in some public or other vessel, unless his detention shall be essential to m“»°h-Wil 9- the public interests, in which case the said officer may detain him until the vessel in which he shall be serving shall return to the United States; and it shall be the duty of said officer, immediately to make report to the Navy Department, of such detention and the causes thereof Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That such persons as may be person, de. detained after the expiration of their enlistment, under the next pre- winged M be ceding section of this act, shall be subject, in all respects, to the laws 3‘EJ"?fl§aL"""• , and regulations for the government of the navy, until their return to " y` the United States, and all such persons as shall be so detained, and all Those who such as shall voluntarily re-enlist to serve until the return of the vessel zzifglfmox in which they shall be serving, and their regular discharge therefrom p3y_ in the United States, shall, while so detained and while so serving under their re-enlistment, receive an addition of one-fourth to their former pay. Approved, March 2, 1837. "_""" Sruuu II. Gun. XXII.-An Act concerning Pilots. (a) March 2, Iggy_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Upon warm United States of America in, Congress assembled, That it shall and may which are th¤ (rt) Cases decided in the courts of the United States, as to Pilots and Pilotage. What a pilot does beyond the limits of his duty, as such, may be the foundation of a claim for salvage; but not such acts as were within his duties. Hand v. The Elvira, Gilpin’s D. C. R. 65. ¥Vhere a steamboat was hired for the purpose of towing a vessel, to which she was fastened, and both were under the direction of a licensed pilot, the owner of the steamboat is not entitled to dameoes on account of injury sustained in the course of navigation, and not caused by negligence of the p ot. Reeves ct al. v. The Ship Constitution, Gilpin’s D. C. R.. 579. Assisting vessels in distress, beyond what the more duty of pilot requires, entitles pilots to compensation. Delan , a Pilot v. The Sloop Perzigio, Bce’s Adm. Rep. 212. _ _ _ The brig Hhpe, with a valuable cargo, had been conducted, in the evening, by_a pilot inside of Mobile point, where pilots of the outer harbor usually leave vessels which they pxlotjustde of tlllt bar. The pilot was discharged, and the Hope proceeded up the bay of Mobile. The wmd soon after elianged, blew tégiolent gale from the northwest, both unc tors parted, nnd the Hope was driven on a 01.. .—-