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158 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 31. 1837. or me slave including their support in the United States and for a term not exceed. "¤d°· &°· ing six months after their arrival in Africa, of all persons removed from the United States under the said acts, eleven thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars and fil`ty-seven cents; Prize-money For payment of prize-money to the officers and crew of the late ao oqiem, &.¤. private armed brig General Armstrong, and the legal representatives of '§nl;:§rg)°“°'°l such as may be dead, two thousand dollars. Secmcmgrof S20. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treaclic '{‘re¤sury_¢o gury be, and he is hereby anthorized to distribute the residue of the g§;“;’f;i;‘;’f‘ prizemoney heretofore deposited m_ the treasury, helonging to the emws money belong- of the men—ofZwar Bon Homme Richard and Alliance, commanded by im; w Mews ¤f John Paul Jones, in the revolutionary war, among the several persons E;’§]£;“:,':5° entitled thereto, and to pay them the sums respectively due, out of any Alliance. money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated. Enclosure of Sec. 4, And be it further enacted, That the sum appropriated at navy yard at the last session for the erection of a brick enclosure of the navy yard P°¤¤°°°l¤· at Pensacola, shall be erected to suit the present plan of the yard, and in such manner as the Navy Commissioners shall direct. President to Sm. 5. And be it jiertlwr enacted, That under the laws providing P;¤¤l¤}¤¤ gm- for the gradual improvement of the navy, the President be authorized §l;“n‘;m';6 {’f,Q“' to cause articles of a durable character to be purchased for the ai-ma. vessels. ment and equiglanent, as well as for ihe building of vessels. Armovnn, arch 3, 1837. Srnurx II. Much 3,153-[_ C¤n·.XXXI.—-An Act making apprzqwiatiom for the current expenses of the -—·—---- Indian Department, and ferrfubilling treat stqwlations with the ‘DGTi01l8IIlddGlI [Obsolete.] tribes, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-seven. Be it enacted by the Senate and Ifouseqf Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, for the year one thousand eight hundred aud thirty-seven, for the purpose of paying the current expenses of the Indian Department, and of fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; that is to say; ·Pgy of Sup", For the pay of the superintendent of Indian affairs at St. Loui , and niitendlgngof In- the several Indian- agents, as provided by the act of June thirtieth, St_“L¤u?;"“6:;' eighteen hundred and thirty-four, twelve thousand dollars; hy of guy,. d Ifor the pay of sub-agents, authorized by the same act, ten thousand agents. dollars; Pgy of im;. For the pay of interpreters, as authorized by the same act, eight Dream. thousand seven hundred dollars; _ dg22mm01h_ d {or presents to Indians, authorized by the same act, five thousand o ars; p,,,,;,,;,,,,, g,,, For the purchase of provisions for Indians, at the distribution of Indians. annuities, while on visits of business with the superintendents and ggenltskarédlrvhen assembled on public business, eleven thousand eight un re dollars; Buildings M For the necessary buildings required at the several agencies, and ll}; ¤se¤cies. repairs thereof, two thousand dollars; mnt?. of · For postuges, rents, stationery, fuel for offices, and other contingen- India; pep";. cies of the Indian Department, seven thousand dollars; msn; f 1 k I For the salary of one clerk in the office of the Governor of Wisconin°m;‘;f&:‘;’_ sm 'gegiléoniy, who is ex officio superintendent of Indian affairs, eight ol Wisconsin. lm Ye ° USS Clerk of For the salary of one clerk in the office of the actin su erintendent §§}}“,§;;’il’;l‘l;_ of the Western Territory, one thousand dollars; g P Ns;:];¥;g,,,,g dog}; the Six Nations of New York, four thousand five hundred ° 3