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178 . TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 35, 36, 1337_ YM W¤¤f¤f¤ dis- in the same manner as from decrees and `ud me ts ·

2 °f L°“‘s‘ districts within which a circuit court is proviidegi bynthidazilctf-mad m the

Aciiorisksuits, _ Srzc. 4. And be it further enacted, That all actions, suits pi·OS€c,,_ gggiégpgwlg tions, causes, pleas, process, and other proceedings, relatirie to an ,,,,,3,,,, coun, cause, civil or criminal, (which might have been brought, and con]?; grew pgndipgin, have been, originally, cognizable in a circuit court,) now pending in

ggzgsl (1;/iitreturnablrxe, the several distinct courts of Indiana, Illinois, lilissouri:

ussissippi, rransas, Michigan, the eastern district of Louisiana the districts of Alabama, the northern district of New York, the western district of Pennsylvania, and western district of Virvinia actinv as circuit courts on the first day of April next, shall be,¤and ine heieb declared to be, respectively transferred, returnable, and continued toy tpo scviegal circuit courts constituted by this act, to be holden withiri t e said istricts respectively; and shall be heard tried and determin · - ’ . . . · Gd SM circuit therein, in the same manner as if originally brought, entered, prose. mum mba go- cuted, or had, m such circuit courts. And the said circuit courts shall vc,,,,,] by Same be governed by the same laws and regulations as apply to the other Lg?} gegeus circuit Icourts of the United States; and the clerks of the said courts . . l s · - cum mem, respective y, hall perform the same duties, and shall be entitled te 3;,;: ,0,,;; plelgegzermeoslapgcg fgplscand empluments, iwh}:chUare by law established for · _ _ _ circui courts o the nited States. Th - {$:1 2:3 du- ment of their chief justice and the associate justices of the szgdilgoii- ,,!,,,,,,,,,,, 0,- preme Court to the several circuits shall be made as heretofore. gzrr gpefjns. _ Sec. 5, And be ttfurther enacted, That all acts and provisions incon- Aém &c. re. sistent with this act be, and the same are hereby, repealed. pared_ ’ Armovnn, March 3, 1837. Srnun II. ···—···· Much 3_ ]g36_ CHAP. XXXV.-—AnAct too tl;th ······—·m.,..,..,..._, M ~·· ·»~···~» ·r ;a“aZ'e1?m°.§»"?tZ'z$’Z`2§iC2’ §LQ‘E.’.`I,Z‘I§.“},t‘I’,?,’;Z;$‘€.g‘.* unavmlabk funds standing to his debit on the boo/`cs of the Treusur to t on amount ry in new 0 ba ks · · · - 9* """ "' authorize the Secrctarr § tl nTra"d mimduak indebted fw me Mme, an to J 0 te casury 0 compromise and settle said claims. Be it enacted by the Senate and Hou . R f 0'glge pecount United States of America in Congress disgmbledprdfhgiailids dtiioriiif ° ¤>QS¤¤‘¤¤‘ accountinv officers of the T ’ - , b d, _ r., reasur be and th h b ,3,,}: (5,; wd to credit the account of the Treaisureir of theeyU(iii(;ed€1Sta)te;uvi¢iii)h1ilid muptof una. amount of the unavailable funds, whether charged to John Cam b llc b ° I¤¤d¤- or (ins predecessors, and. to transfer the amount to the debit of the bask; swam f ms l¤dg1dn4=1l¤, respectively, that may be indebted for the same. Tmsuuryup T nc. .b nd be tt furtker enacted, That the Secretary of the gmmed ,0 fs? epmspgy cghaxnd ihphrs lherpblyéauthorized to compromise and finally vclaimso ‘, B s o e ni o tates of the above descri tion ' · . · · . a st gészgighggbovs gtgdcblrmkguzrmgmgivédusds gvlio have plrovecg insolvent, or iifiledhoéiihlre . _ E c erms an con itions as he ma d P¤>v¤¤¤· to the interests of the United States: Provided; thiitnihid S o au orize any com romise f th d . rrnovnu March 3, 1837, Surms II. i —-——- March 3 1837 CHAP. XXXVI -.011. Gel lo amend an act . ..,..;.___; · , · titled wz · · [Obsolete] zijn"; gi M"d’?" gd Burlivgtwr, ineiiltc county gfaztgozlgggggagg . cozew u uque and Peru in the nt ’ Mona! Potnt, in ine coun] ° I T ’ · ° °°" ·'/ WD" B“’1“¢» and purposcs,"’ approved July sei/add :tig,l1¢ieenel;lit0d1!£:d(£nm}ii:§j;ib:.and for other Act f I 1 g, B6 it ¢¤¢¤vfcdbr theS 5 . _ 12*36-zh- id. ·$¢5=¢c3 c" Ameriio in Ei,i,ij;;’;d,Q{'Qf§§,’;,R.,$§;fS;f,’jf;“$aj{g’,f¢tU¤=¢¤¤ _ ‘ · u ies r - ,_c¢s, &e.,r¤ QUITG be done and performed by the Surve or for the ’ B Q fvbs Wyse0n51E_ unda,. the ac, to 1 . h . , Y Territory of w nc this is an amendment, shall be done