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TVVENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 44. 1837. 189 For continuing the improvement of the channel of the river Thames, R;ve;Th¤mes_ leading into Norwich harbor, Connecticut, twenty thousand dollars; For continuing the securing of the public works, at the harbor of Souahporthar- Southport, Connecticut, one thousand dollars; b<>¥· l’ or improving the harbor of Westport, Connecticut, three thousand Westport bmseven Inuulred and thirty-Riur dollars; b¤¤‘- l*`or continuing the improvement of the navigation of the Hudson Hudson river. river, above and below Albany, in the State of New York, one hundred thousand dollars; to he expended according to the plan and estimate recommended hy the Secretary of War; For continuing the repairs at the harbor of Chester, Pennsylvania, Chester hurtwo thousand dollars; l>°F· For continuing the improvement of the harbor of Wilmington, Dela- Wilmington ware, eight thousand dollars; h”’l*°l'· For continuing the improvement of the harbor of Newcastle, Dela- Newcastle ware, ton thous:m<l dollars; l*°'l’°'· For continuing the Delaware breakwater, and constructing a wharf Delaware or mole pursuant to the report of Captain Delalield, one hundred and b‘°“k"“""· lorty-one thousand dollars. And that the sum of seventy thousand dollars be, and the same is Erecting: of :1 hereby,·approori:ited out of any moneylnn the Treasury not otherwise appreipriutbtl, lor tin? Crcctmn of n murmc hospital In the city of New &,c_ Orleans, in that part of said city which shall be dcsignntetl by the Secretary of the Treasury, and for the purchase of lands on which to erect said marine hospital; and that the President of the United ntntes, l’¤¤‘Ql¤¤S¢ DY be, and he is hereby authorized to select and cause to be purclmggd, for the use and benefit of sick seamen, boatmen, and all other naviga- wQS,,,,,[waw,s, tors on the western rivers and lakes, suitable sites for marine hospitals, Gw- Prnvidul that the number thereof shall not exceed Hur the river _Missis- Pr0vl¤¤· sippi three, For the river Ohio three, and for Lake Erie one; and to enable the President to make such selection and purchase, he may call to his aid one or more medical men of the army, not exceeding three in all, to examine and report on such sites, and to ascertain at what price the same can he had; and that the sum of fifteen thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, to effect the purchase thereof, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and that suitable plans and estimates be prepared, under the direction of the Secretary of War, for the construction of said hospitals, and E . . - rectum of a submitted to Congress, at the commencement of the next session m,,,,,,,, hos,,,,,,, thereof; and that the sum of ton thousand dollars be appropriated for at Mobile. · the erection of a marine hospital in the city of Mobile; Provirlul, That Proviso. the expenditures for the purchase of sites and the erection of hospitals at New Orleans and Mobile shall not exceed the amounts herein appro- . printed for these purposes; that from and alter the first day of April After lst April next, all laws enacted whereby seamen are required to pay twenty cents "3§_l"‘l l:°";;;‘ 21 month, or their employers are required to retain that sum out of their 3, Pyfm Cem; wages, to create a fund for the sick and disabled seamen, shall be sus- a month, &.c., pended for one year, during which no such cxaction shall be made; and gl;;l¥;’1ff““;’°¤‘ that instead of said tax there be appropriated, out of any money in the &,,,_ Y M' Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be disbursed in the same manner as the sum above mentioned, Provided, lwwrver, that seamen and watermen, who have Proviso. not contributed to said fund, may receive relief to such extent, and Ender such regulations as the President of the United States shall - irect. For continuing the improvement of the harbor of Baltimore, Mary- B¤lii¤\¤Y¤l¤¤1'· land, Eileen thonsmirl dollars; bl"' _ _ For continuing the removal of obstructions at Ocracoke inlet, North O¢¤‘¤<>¤k¢1¤l°$~ Carolina, twelve thousand and fifty dollars; a ~*