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ACTS OF THE TWENTY·FIFTH (JONGRESS or rin: UNITED STATES. Passed at the jirst scssian, which was begun and held at the City qf I/Vashingtvn, in t/uz district of Columbia, rm Zllamlay, the 4th day qfSq1tcmbcr, 1837, and ended the liitk of October, 1837. l\l.·.n·rm VAN Bunmv, President. RJCHARD M. Jomvsou, Vice President of the United States, and President of the Senate. Jnmms K. Porn, Speaker of the House of Representatives. STATUTE I. CHAPTER I.-An Act fu posqnonc the fourth instalment of deposite will; the States. 0d__ 2, Iggy, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _`“—"' United Stafes of America, in Congress assembled, That the transfer of Am of June the fourth instalment of deposites directed to he made with the States, ?3» 18% ¤h· uncler the thirteenth section of the act of June twenty-third, eighteen l{>5,;S?;:;,;g',m hundred und thirty-six, be and the same is hereby postponed till the first 1stJan. 1839. day ol'.lanu:1ry, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine; Provided, proviso_ That the three first instalments under the said act shall remain on deposite with the States, until otherwise directed by Congress. Approved, October 2, 1837. `~"__ Snrvrs I. Cmp. II.-dn Act to authorize the issuing of Treasury Mics. (a) Oct. 12, Iggy_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President The President of the United States is hereby authorized to cause Treasury notes for to ¢¤¤S¢ Treasuch sum or sums as the exigencies of the Government muy require, hut not exceeding, in the whole amount of notes issued, the sum of ten exceetling millions of dollars, and of denominations not less than fifty dollars for $l0»000·000» any one note, to be prepared, signed, and issued in the manner herein- Qggomngggiss after provided. than $50. Sec.2. And be it further enacted, That the said Treasury notes, _Notesmb¤reauthorized to be issued by the first section of this act, shall be reim· :_';hb“"S°‘f,“a’Hi bursed and redeemed by the United States, at the Treasury thereof, ,h,,°:,g°,§mk,:r alter the expiration of one year from the dates of the said notes re- of one year. spectively; from which said dates, for the term of one year, and no longer, they shall bear such interest as shall be expressed upon the face Notes to bear of the said notes; which rate of interest upon each several issue of the §¤¤h mlémst ¤¤ “ said notes shall be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, by and with {;g,l¥:;;° °° the advice and approbntion of the President; but shall in no case exceed Imemstiu no the rate of interest of six per centum per annum. The reimbursement 3* '#;*°¤*9°?d herein provided for shall be made at the Treasury of the United States P;. 3:; wx to the holders of the said notes respectively, upon presentment, and shall include the principal of each note, and the interest which may be due thereon at the time of payment. For this reimbursement, at the time and times herein specified, the faith of the United States is hereby solemnly pledged. (a) Notes of the acts which have been passed relative to the issuing of Treasury notes, vol. 2, 766. Vox,. V.--26 (201)