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214 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch.32. 1838. tinion, audit with at least two sumties, to be approved by the judge of the circuit or ¤l1¤llh¤V¤ WH district court, with a condition that the ro crt when rostoy A deeamcd three P p Y’ ° ¤ shan m0mhS me not be used or employed by the owner or owners thereof, or by any claimant mug; otluorperson oxipersons with his or their privity, in carrying on any HM ¤ bond. ¢· milmryoxpedition or operations within the territory or dominions of any foreign prince or State, or any colony, district, or people, comerminous with the United States, with whom the United States arc at peace; and thereupon the said officer shall restore such property to tho Prcviso. owner or claimant thus giving bond: Provided, That such restoration sholl not prevent seizure from being again made, in case there may exist fresh cause to apprehend u new violation of any of the provisions of this act. I‘r0l’%0l'lS ada Sm. 6. Aml be it further enacted, That every person apprehended gglfgag £iL“ and committed for trial, for any 0H`encc against the act hereby amended m,mlS,:c,,,;ty shallawhcn admitted to bail for his appearance, give such additional go: to vnplnw sccur1ty as the judge admitting him to bail may require, not to violate °f°tg;°;’;’;2:c nor to aid m violating, any of the provisions of the act hereby amended; by amanda; Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That whenever the President of $:2: Eisésioenc the United States shall have reason to believe that the provisions of this dirBc'2’};éhé; act hove been, or orc lilecly to be violated, thet 0H`enccs have been, or &,c_,‘, auenq M are hkcly to oo, comimtlogl against the provisions of the not hereby yihpéqcfwnmh- amended, within any judicial district, it shall be lawful for him, in his he mu f" discycuon, to direct the judge, marshal, and district attorney, of such mM_ in- mf district, to attend at such place within the district, and for such time ESI2E5e2i;::: as he may designate, for the purpose of the more speedy and convcuicnl; Hmm Omen arrest and cxammatxon of persons charged with the violation of the uct gms charged, hgeby maendcd ; and it shall be the duty of every such judge, or other G- 0 ccr, w en any such requisition shall be received b him to atte d 1; rim P d l?h*gPl¤<>g H2} gorbthe Eine [hg;-Bin d€Signnt€d y ’ H a —‘* **8* wh nc. . n c it urllwr enacted That it shall be l f l f th

 :lL:Yl§;'é'0x_ President of the United States, or suéh person as he may asrligoxvgl fol:

wvul roms, fhkl purpose, to employ supln pz1rt of the land or naval forces of the m§·£;Ir;¥=;: ¤¤ United States, or of the militia, as shz1ll be nccessary to prevent the &c of this aah violation, zmd to enforce the due execution, of this act, and the act ew, hereby amended. Th’s¤ cli ‘:· Ssc. 9. And b '¢ r , ‘ · - ·»·¤$»-‘éy¤'£Ps. force for tim p€ri§d'0¢f?§5Q§Fs‘f°§§°li ilmngéli ““ "h"" ’“ Armovmu March 10 1838. STATUTE II. , ’ Mmh l0- l838· Cmp. XXXII.—J1n.»7t k' » · 5 · m,,k,,,a_} ¢l,,,.a,_y and M ,,L..,Z'£.J€€fZ¥Z”%Q3ZQ""§i£Z,’Z!’?}Z“§Z§r'{JZ}}}ZZ2€Z’§ zag/nl hundred and thirly·cigh.t. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Re ‘ ‘ . · presentalwcs of the United 3;:; Sfgffi of America zn Congress asgcmbled, That the following sums bc, Amt on t c same arg hereby, appropriated, in addition to former appropriations to be and out. f· » P 0 uny money m the Treasury not otherwise a ro mated for the ‘ PP P i pensioners of the United States, for the year one

     thousand eight hundred and thirty-aight:

ti :; §;g;& £grJi h§ R?v€lutnonary pensioners, under tho several acts, other than ,m e 1 cent x of May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty- 11 L c seventh of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two; gn 5 c fourth of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, four

£H J;€l and twenty-six thousand seven hundred and seventy-two

F 1 r ’ · · · . pJ;;::;d $Qi g§$ aluvalxd dpcnsiomers, under various lmys, one hundred and

      y   OHS2m gmd seventy-five dollars and sixty-two cents;
  £g$;n;¤&   orgpeniaons to widows and orphans, iinder the act of the fourth of

orphan é', Il; ousand cxght hundiicd and thirty-six, one million Your hunrc an ¤mcty-two thousand six hundred and eighty-five dollars;