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216 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.54. 1838_ Alleauscs S¤c.2. And be it further emrcted, That all causes transferred by {x¤¤¤¤=r¥%_ t authority of said act from the sand district courts to the eimugt com

 cilzdh dirgered by law robe held in the town  of Lewisburg, in the Sm.; of

com av. Lewis- Virginia, and wluch remzun undetermmed, be removed back to the ggés? f§;¤°V°d district courts from whence they were transferred, to be there finally ’determined. gfpelfurs ju. Sno, 3. And be it furtiur enacted, Thru appellate jurisdiction from

i g
the judgments or decrees of the saxd dlSll'lCll courts of the western dis.

to bg Gésrcmd nlm, of Virginia, as now authorizcd by law, shall be exercised by the by eu-em: court. sand circuit court at Lewrsburg. °’ L°""lSl’“'8· Armovmn, March 28, 1838. Summa II. April 6, 1838. Cnr. LIV.-Edu .0ct mhiniamrwfdgfmawxge jvil5n;Z d1]olopzazic expgmg; [Ob l t ] of uvem fm- e year eg een u rc a: tzzrty-mg/rt.

BcJ%cnacte}1  by the Senate and House of Representatives of the

nite tutes 0 America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated to be paid out of an

 unappropriated money in the treasury, viz: ’ y

‘ Pay and mile- For pay and mileage of the members of Congress and delegates,

§°é"fnmf8‘;‘g°" five hundred and sixty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty dollars;

pay 0Fomm,, For pay of the ofllcers and clerks of the Senate and House of Reproggd Con- scntatnves, forty thousand four hundred dollars; e e. For stationer fuel r'nt' d ll h ` C nt y, p1 mg, an a other contmgeut expenses of c,g;n.:ln§:,,m_ the; Senate, lilly thpusahd dollars; cmmgent or stationery, uel, printing, and all other contingent expenses of ?5°;“°“°fH°· the House of Representatives, two hundred and twenty-hve thousand P dollars · y D

E·¤:;¤¤ The two sums l21st. mentioned to be applied to the payment of the

tglgrdinmy ex; ordinary expenditures of the Senate and House of Representatives,

 severally, and to no other purpose.

vI;g:slrd¤;¤;& For compensation to the President and Vice President of the United and handsome; States, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secpgrgmgngg, retaryff Wuri shi Secretary of the Navy, and the Postmaster General, sixty nousan dollars; S°°*°m’Y ¤¢> For salary of the secretar to si f b ' - f y gn patents or pu he lands pcr act §?,$,W§§§f‘c`f; Egsgggglagicgnd, czghteen hundred and thxrty-three, one thousand five . l. s; £lLS¢§LE¢¤=¤» For clerks and messengers in the office of the Secretary of State, { ‘ twenty thousand three hundred dollars;

g;r:;;;cnt [Tor lhe coutrngent expenses of the Department. of State, including

· publnshing and dnstnbuting the laws, tweutv-five thousand dollars; 5::3*43;::d For the superintendent and wamchmanl of the northeast executive

 · burldmg, one thousand five hundred dollars;
£;*:;;g§¤¤¤ For contmgent expenses of suid building, including fuel, labor, oil,
   and repairs, three thousand three hundred and lilly dollars;

clcing ‘gLJ°¤S· For CODIPFIITIIOH to the clerks and messengers in the office of the ' ecretnry 0 the Treasury, sixteen thousand four hundred and rift dollars; y cf2g?;"}'鑧2 For compensation to the clerks ld said office, per act of twenty-third eh_ N5_ sffluue, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, three thousand six hundred o lars · Ixl c°mP'*°l· For lsompcnsution to the First Comptroller of the Treasury three é thousand five hundred dollars; ’ le a.

@ ; ;d   For cornpcnsatncvnto the clerks and messengers m the ofllce of the

2d c p l uist Comptrcllera mneteen thousand three hundred dollars ;

%i or compensatxcn be the Second Comptroller, three thousand dol-

. - 7 ¤¤¤·¤¤¤s¤r· For componsatrou to the clerks and messenger in the office of the