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TVVENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.H. C1r.9‘2. 1838. 233 For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Philadel— Philadgl hg,] phia, Pennsylvania, twenty-one thousand five hundred dollars; mvy Ytmll For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Wash- w,,,,;,;,, ,0,, ington, thirty thousand dollars; navy yard For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard at Gosport, Gosport navy Virginia, seventy-seven thousand five hundred dollars; yard, For improvement and necessary repairs of the navy yard near Pen- Pgnggcglg sacola, seventy-six thousand five hundred dollars; navy yard. For ordnance and ordnance stores, sixty-five thousand dollars; ()yd¤anc€,&c For detraying the expenses that may accrue for the following pur- Miscellaneous poses, viz; for the freight dI1d transportation of materials and stores of expenses_ every description; for wharfage and dockage ; storage and rent; travelling expenses of officers and transportation of seamen; house rent for pursers when attached to yards and stations where no house is provided; for funeral expenses; for commissions, clerk hire, office rent, stationery, and fuel to navy agents; for premiums and incidental expenses of recruiting; for apprehending deserters; for compensation to judge advocates; for per diem allowance to persons attending courts martial and courts of inquiry; for printing and stationery of every description, and for working the lithographic press; for books, maps, charts, mathematical and nautical instruments, chronometers, models, and drawings; for the purchase and repair of fire engines and machinery, and for the repair of steam engines; for the purchase and maintenance of oxen and horses, and for carts, timber wheels, and workmen’s tools of every description; for postage of letters on public service; for pilotage and towing ships of war; for cabin furniture of vessels in commission; taxes and assessments on public property; for assistance rendered to vessels in distress; for incidental labour at navy yards, not applicable to any other appropriation; for coal and other fuel, and for candles and oil; for repairs of magazines or powder-houses; for preparing moulds for ships to be built, and for no other purpose whatever, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars; For contingent expenses for objects not hereinbefore enumerated, Contingent three thousand dollars; °XP"”$“· For pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, and Pay, 8r.c.of privates, and subsistence of the officers of the marine corps, one him- 'h° m¤¤'m° dred and sixty-two thousand and nineteen dollars; cggiis. { . . . . . . ions or- For provisions for the non-commissioned officers, mllSlOl8.HS, and ,,,,,,,,,0,,,,,,;s_ privates serving on shore, servants and washerwomen, forty-nine thou- sioned officers, . sand eight hundred and forty dollars; §;g;_;°"""g °“ For clothing, forty-three thousand six hundred and ninety-five dollars; Cj0,j,;,,g_ For fuel, fifteen thousand eight hundred and four dollars; Fuel, For keeping the present barracks in repair until new ones can be Repair of bm-. erected, and for the rent of temporary barracks at New York, ten thou- ¤’¤°k¤• &·¢· sand dollars; For transportation of officers, non-commissioned officers, musicians, _Transportaand privates, and expenses of recruiting, six thousand dollars; “°¤· For medicines, hospital stores, surgical instruments, and pay of M,,d;c;,,,S;&c_ matron, four thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars; For contingent expenses of said corps, freight, ferriage, toll, wharf Contingent age, and cartage, per diem allowance for attending courts of inquiry, °>*P°¤¤¤$· compensation to judge advocates, house rent where there are no public quarters assigned, incidental labour in the quartermaster’s department, expenses of burying deceased persons belonging to the marine corps, printing, stationery, forage, postage on public letters, expenses in pursuing deserters, candles and oil for the different stations, straw for the men, barrack furniture, bed sacks, spades, axes, shovels, picks, and carpenters’ tools, seventeen thousand nine hundred and seventy-seven dollars and ninety~three cents; Vox,. V -30 U 2