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234 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 93. 1838. Mm; For military stores, pay of armoxcers, keeping arms in repair, drums, stcresiugc. iifes, flags, accoutrements, and 0Idm1¤GG stores twcg tl10usa.ud dollars; Hospital near For erecting and furnishing a new hospital building, and for a dwell- P¤¤¤¤°°l¤· ing for an assistant surgeon; for the repairs of the present building, and for all expenses upon their dependencies near Pensacola, thirty-one thousand five hundred dollars; Hospital mm For erecting a sea-wall to protect the shore, for enclosing the hospi. N°*'f°lk· mi grounds, for completing the basement of south wing, and fo): aj] other expenses upon the dependencies of the hospital near Norfolk, nine thousand dollars; Nu,} Wim For graduating and enclosing the grounds about the naval asylum new Philnda- new- Philadelphia, and for all other expenses upon the building and its dependencies, two thousand six hundred dollars; H ·,,1,m, For extending the hospital building near Brooklyn, New York, for Bnzhlyn- enclosing the grounds, and for all other expenses upon its dependencies, sixt thousand dollars; Hospital near Bhr completing the present hospital building near Boston, und for all B°“°“· expenses upon its dependencies, three thousand five hundred dollars; Mmiue up- For repairing the enclosure, and for the seu—wall of the magazine °¤'¤ ISM- upon Elllis’s island, in the harbor of New York, three thousand eight hundred dollars; Magazine, &.c. For repairing the magazine, filling house, wharf, and railway, at °‘ N°'f°lk· Norfolk, Virginia, seven hundred and fifty dollars ;- PM¤g¤¤iil;e at For building a wall round the magazine at Pensacola, three thousand °¤“°° · dollars ; Naval asylum For fixtures, iiimiture, and other incidental expenses at the naval ¤* ?hil¤d¤· asylum, at Philadelphia, being a. balance carried to the surplus fund on the thirty-i·irst December last, twelve hundred and forty-one dollars and thirt -seve11 cents; Apnlmpdatim Silo. 2. And be it further enacted, That of the amount heretofore RK tt °tPI?Y· h appropriated, under the act of the second of March, eighteen hundred 2_ {:83%, dzrgm and thirty-three, entitled “A11 act in addition to the act for the gradual improvement of the navy of the United States," and remaining unexpended, the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars be carried to the surplus fund; and that the sum of one million five hundred thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any uuappropriated money in the Treasury, to be paid one half in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, and the other half in the year eighteen hundred and forty, for the ptupose of completing contracts uow existing, or which may be hereafter made, according to the provisions of the said act of the second of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-three. A Avrnovmn, May 31, 1838. Snmn II. May 3;, ]898_ Crm?. XCIH.—.Bn Jai to repeal certain provisos of “An act to alter and amend ······—·-·—·—— the several acts imposing duties on imp0rfs," qproved the fourteenth day qf July, eighteen hundred ami thirty-two. _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the “°£hfo5:'¤;:§¤ of United States of America m Congress assembled, That the provisos of mh muses of the tenth and twelfth clauses of the second section of the act to alter the 2d section and amend the several acts imposing duties on imports, passed July the film gm ¤f fourteenth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, be, and the same are °§_QQ.,;£8°* hereby, repealed. peeled. Approved, May 31, 1838.