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264 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 169. 1838. representation seem best and proper, according to the population of the Territory; and of ¤i¤h¢rH¤9¤¤- may, for the purpose of more cdbctually cqualizing said representation, tf‘jg°: inerease the Senate to any number not exceedxnghfteen in the wh0lq_ Sessions limi:- Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That no sessxon of the Legislative WH0 75 d¤Y¤- Council in any year shall exceed the term of seventy-five days, All ms and Sec. 6. And be it furdwr enacted, That ull acts and parts of acts 1:2;; ;;';°;$i:;· heretoforcopassed in relation to the Legislativefdouncil of _Florida which ,5;;,, ,6,. ,8P,,,l_ a.re1ir;]c0ns1stent with cg repugrglang to the provisions of this act shall bg, a . an t c same are ere y, repe e . Armovnn, July 7, 1838. Sn·rU·rs II. July 7, 1g33_ Gun. CpXIX.—-dn dat to prmrgde for the support of tina Jlhgitary Academy of

  • ···—······ the United Slalcs for the year czghtccn hwndrcd and l/mtg-ezght, and for other

purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the Military Academy for the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, viz : Payofofiicers, For the pay of officers, cadets, and musicians, fifty-six thousand and &·°· twelve dollars; gubsisuzce of d Igor spbsistence of officers and cadets, thirty-nine thousand five hun- ° °°¥¤» ¢· re an sixty-six dollars; Forage. d §`0r forage of 0iHcers’ horses, one thousand one hundred and fifty-two . _ dollars;

;€,,:€,(g_ For clothing of officers’ servants, three hundred and thirty dollars;

bExple¤¤q¤_¤f For defraying the expenses of the board of visiters at West Point, one °" °f""”'°”· thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight dollars and eighty-four cents; fuel, forage, For fuel, forage, stationery, printing, transportation and postage, °‘ fmzcen thousand two hundred and ninety-five dollars; Repairs. &c. For repairs, improvements, and expenses of buildings, grounds, roads, yivharves, plogps and fences, seven thousand two hundred and fiR;y—seven _ 0 lars an y cents;

 BEF? Huy of adjutanfs and quartermasteis clerks, nine hundred and

Mris clerks. Y ° USS Ihgprmy. For increase and expenses of the library, eight hundred dollars; im;°°3g;f°°“° For miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, one thousand live ’ hundred and seventy-seven dollars and fifty cents; Building for For the erection, as per plan, of a building for recitation and mili- '°°“““°¤» &·¢- tary exercises, in addition to amount heretofore appropriated, eighteen A bam and thousand two hundred and fifty-four dollars and sixty cents; smb16S_ For the erection of a bam and public stables, one thousand dollars; mC52E1g2s3i2n ang`;; dcmpeisplnorpforthe aptnnig profgssor Iof cilhexéustziy, mmeralogy, , 00gy,a e nary ca em, iree un re oars;

’  For printing and binding the regulations of the Military Academy,

tha rcgulhxtions. tinge higndgdjxnzd six? dollars; Recgnqu-uczinn sc. . n a it urther enacted, That the sum of twenty-six thoum;:_:*ld*¤g§; YM sand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the r)econstruc— y' ‘ tion of the buildings for the library, engineer, chemical and philosophical departments at the Military Academy at WVcst Point, destroyed by _ hre in February last. m9c‘:1’;':¥;‘:l:‘§:*l;§;‘; Sec. 3. And be it filrihcr enacted, That; the Secretary of the Trea- ,,m,_,6,S{m,1838_ sury be, and he IS hereby, authorized to pay to the collectors, deputy IMO [ch 99 U collectors, naval ofhccrs, surveyors, and their respective clerks, together ’* ‘ with the weighers, gaugers, measurers, and markers, of the several A ports of the United States, out of any money in the Treasury not otheruuse appropriated, such sums as will give to the said officers, respectxvely, the same compensation in the ycar one thousand eight hundred